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About to hit the road towards Transylvania, in the meantime here's Deathniss in Destroyer mode! 📷 Anca Coleasa 🇷🇴
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Mike Tobin 11h
When do toddlers learn inside voices?
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TG W/Da 🔥🔥 5h
I hit the blunt 1 time and it already feel like I done had a whole body massage 💆🏾‍♂️🙌🏾😂
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Annette Huffman Dec 10
Replying to @ChrisMotionless
Thank you so much for all the advice you gave everyone at
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í Rokk 18h
This effin headache can disappear, also is there a silencer for the leqfblower outaide my window
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Mr INCREDIBLE..#Shilpa Shinde & #Sree Fan forevr🙂 1h
& msg from Gov.. " can't go together..Ye baat khud, apani gov aur apni Army ko convey kardo..If u can do this u r welcome otherwise..Continue 🐕🐕 & what u r expert in it😭 & what u r doing from last 70 years👏👍
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sharae 22h
I'm too cuz I won't take your disrespect
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Joe Cannon Dec 10
Replying to @rcote75
talkers in public places .....
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Andy Miller 17h
Replying to @Badger5000
My memories are of being at the front and entirely unprepared for what would happen when the Bunnymen came on, and that I could only work out which song was which by lip-reading Mac.
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Matt Kretschmer Dec 5
Much needed chill night with the bro 😂😂😂😂
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DevinThaDude 16h
Smh should've put the in something else hot Damn its skunky
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bmxministry™ Dec 10
Replying to @StevePieczenik
Get rid of him! ! Amen
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Twelve To The Time dec 31 NYE🎈 16h
Tomorrow night A the place to b !! Birthday celebration 🎈
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Joseph Ward Dec 3
Replying to @cj_wentz
Let's go d it's suspect.and alot of misdirection play go back to d real eagles /nation
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Joyce Dec 11
Replying to @BTS_twt
Why is daddy lookin so damn fine
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D-LOC Dec 12
Stream the hot new single on all major music outlets . . D-Loc West Coast Banger ▶️ Video available on youtube And ( Wake and bake music )
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Weber Speakers 18h
I call it Hulk ! It’s, actually, a Blue12F with a Hemp cone.. High temp voice coil, 50 watts, 8 ohm.. and that cool Green swirl paint job !! Don’t make it angry 😡...
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Fenty Stats 10h
(1.098m) has now surpassed (1.097m) as Rihanna's 3rd most streamed album on .
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James Yeardley Dec 11
Does anyone else play on their phone and think it’s not transferred to their headphones and everyone is listing to your mobile party
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Flat Lander Dec 11
Replying to @LilMsAmanda
I heard the Queens are all ticked off because the song was only about ‘We 3 Kings’. This crazy “everything’s offensive” world has got to change. Everybody in the silent majority lets start playing Baby its Cold out Side &
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