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Jay May 22
APP is coming ...📱 An invite only version to be announced soon 📢
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ICOcountdown May 25
ADDITION ETH/DXD: Loopring Exchange: (register with code "DXDAO" for VIP tier)
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danielwang.eth May 23
Trade with faith in zkRollup security, not trust in our integrity. Withdraw as little as 1 cent and as much as millions. No more identity verification, no more excuses to delay/deny your withdrawals. now offers better user experience than CEXs.
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CoinCodeCap 🥳 May 26
Loopring active devs on the codebase In last 7 days - 7 In last 1 month - 8 In last 3 months - 10 In last 6 month - 14 In last 1 year - 26
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crypt0bank May 21
One Millionth Trade on Loopring Exchange: A zkRollup Reward
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CryptHawk / Trading Plex May 23
New analysis and short term signals on the Trading Plex available: , , , , , Link in my bio, free knowledge and signals as always.
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Piotr Misiurek May 27
Inne podejście do skalowalności Ethereum na drugiej warstwie to zk rollups. Rozwiązanie oparte na dziedzinie kryptografii znanej jako Zero Knowledge jest już na mainnecie od trzech miesięcy. Pod postacią giełdy .
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DeNiZ_#EvdeKal May 26
Replying to @Gunescobani
Alçalan takoz kırılımı ile ilk hedef geldi.. TP1✅%16
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Kripto May 26
Replying to @KriptoBey_in
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Kalamar🦑 (Squid) May 25
Replying to @kriptokalamar
Loopring (LRC) / BTC 💰%19💰 😎 Hedefler devam... --------------------------------------------------------- $Loopring
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