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The Sports Grump Dec 3
I didn't think could display more stupidity than the teaser confusing the meanings of "confess" & "profess," but then they bit on the phony story.
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Simon Cullen Dec 10
Replying to @tomthegrinch
That was meant to be mother-in-law BTW, but yes they all did that every year & returned the year after to begin again, anyone leaving the country on a "permanent" basis can claim back their tax paid in that year.
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InformedPatriot 1h
Yup. Absolutely not illegal. Trump may be guilty of being a louse, but he is not criminally “indictable” for having established this practice as a pattern. It is indeed a detestable defense, yet it is STILL a solid one.
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Cherri Holiday Dec 9
I’m trynna paint a picture in your mind That can’t be seen without wave-sines Dig that vibe in your spine? That’s your kundalini...🐍 Let it rise! -Desirée 🐒
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Brett Harris Dec 7
Replying to @R_Patty67
Not as bad as Pandora ads
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♕Love & Money♛ Dec 9
In case anyone was wondering... the real Shakespeare was black.
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trumpocalypse 2h
Far smaller? The vast majority came to the UK in the 50s and 60s, after partition
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Blue or nothing. Dec 9
Newsflash.. that is definitely wrong. You obviously don’t know there is a spectrum of sexuality.
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Sydney Flannery 2h
Fun fact, the CEO of Hobby Lobby runs this museum and he was going to fill it with looted artifacts from Iraq. I didn't forget
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Thumper B 10h
The best line in cinema had to be when Hank Hill said, “uhh Peggy I can see your whatnots.”
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Jim 14h
Replying to @Huck1884
Not possible. All men speak the same. smh
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Rockin' KE Dec 8
I'm going to preemptively remind y'all that the winter solstice is the "reason for the season."
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Josh Godfrey Dec 3
Is the It clown in whiteface?
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J-Rod Dec 7
Thinking about you, Pops!
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Apache_F3 Dec 4
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Rebecca Brandt Dec 1
Had to look up a new word today! Ennui.
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JD Kirk Dec 3
you saying Garth didn’t write any of his songs is categorically untrue. Did you do any research before you decided to CNN the hell out of this hot take? Sure you aren’t talking about George Strait?
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🦖Brirannosaurus🎅🦌 WreXmas⛄🎄 Dec 8
You ain't living like me rn.
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RickyAppleseed ☮🍎 Dec 8
Yes, really, Tremendously bigly comedy legend. !
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Replying to @RealBasedMAGA
Ony if people knew that Christmas comes from a homosexuality driven, woman beating, child molesting festival called saturnalia. The name was changed later by Rome.
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