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Juan Munguia Feb 15
Guys, I think im part ginger 😐
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King of AtroPix 3h
Replying to @swagatton
July 2013 ;) <3
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Duke Covone 2h
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
Does it ALWAYS have to be about you?
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Boundary Waters Feb 14
Yes, I was created by differential erosion.
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No More Pervert Boss Feb 15
Replying to @Asmi1121
I want to . Remember how upset were when were religiously repressed and abused? Stand up for your sisters!
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Swizzlestick 12h
Um I call BS Obama tried numerous times to change some laws and ammend others but each time was shut down by the NRA run Senate!
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kelly Feb 10
Replying to @ScottAdamsSays
I feel sorry for you. One sided and that makes you FAF
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Theodore B.C. Wright Feb 5
It this a sign that I should become a Turkish Oil Wrestler??
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fantasyland Feb 16
Actually most mass shootings are committed with handguns.
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James Muller Feb 5
Replying to @MikeMarch0994
Hence the little hot boy. Have you had 21 flaming hot Cheetos at once? That's the flaming hot cheeto challenge on the back of the bag.
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Lee Doyle Feb 5
Lady, you know absolutely NOTHING about me and my Chitimachan Heritage . Plus, I bore witness to Live Special Forces in action post 9/11. From a Corporate War Room in Long Beach, Ca. Was able to retire early, handsomely 🤑 for my service to my Country. Run along Now✌️
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Dawn Hrdlica-Burke 3h
I just learned a great, new word: Temerity.
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Thomas W Johnson Jr Feb 13
Here's a TJ FUN FACT: Nearly a year ago I coined the acronym, & tweeted it. LITTLE DID I KNOW
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Chris McGraw 53m
One more day of work, then a mid-winter break in the southern-most state capital in the contiguous United States.
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William J. Dillon Jr. Feb 2
that trump is destroying America like he did to the World Football league.
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álex Feb 8
Tiny Tim Through the Tulips.
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“Straight A students work for C students”. Sorry for all you smart asses out there you’ll be working for me someday🤓💵🤷🏽‍♂️
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BCarp Feb 5
Replying to @FoxNews
How many from the left actually know Obama’s background, or understand the relationships he had with Wright or Ayers? How about the link with Alinsky and Farrakhan? If they truly know, does that not matter? What does it mean to fundamentally change America?
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Tobias Feb 6
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David G Mitchell 🇮🇪 Feb 3
What fucking WEIRDO sits right beside someone on a flight in a middle seat when there are free seats right beside them and behind them.
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