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Daniel Cormier May 4
Yo momma didn’t even bother to hold the towel, she just accepted her weight. Like she knew she wasn’t gon make it.
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Bob Pompeani Sep 22
Chest has now decided to go after both Ben Roethlisberger and Robert Kraft -- at least that's what I hear since he blocks me. He has said he WILL NOT be playing in the ---NOT HIS CHOICE-- (seriously) For your best interest!!
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LT Fairley Oct 1
Being real starts with being real with yourself.
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Steve Stenersen 53m
Replying to @USLacrosse @TrueSport
Mandatory reading for every parent. If we expect our children to improve their skills on the field, parents and coaches must make a similar commitment to improve their behavior on the sidelines.
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Kimberly Ross Jul 5
Stuff like this always comes from the same people who talk about how Trump is ruining our national discourse. 🙄
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nOeLlE fArRiS Jul 29
if you gotta throw shade on Twitter get off of it
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Jezza Jul 17
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
We’ve heard you use worse in particular when speaking about woman
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Avon Barksdale 14h
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Jamie Johnson ☠️🗡 Aug 18
You can’t want results without inputs. Life doesn’t work that way. Great returns require great investments!
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ACEs Canada 12h
All is not well in The Great White North. 25/41 This is nothing to be patting ourselves on the back about. We need to A national movement to address would transform the way we're raising our kids. The science exists. We just need to implement it
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Debbie Valerio Jun 17
Replying to @DickieV
, many of us question why ESPN continues to allow you the opportunity to spew your CRAZINESS day in and day out. Ramble and rant? Sounds oddly familiar to you, doesn’t it??? 😂 💯
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Daniel Burka Nov 9
Replying to @WeAreSparklin
This is on designers... we've done a horrendous job of defining roles. Everyone is confused.
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sarah beeharry Oct 9
Hate when I see guys tweeting bout girls bodies every damn day like u don’t see me tweeting bout all the ugly ass no muscle hairy ass saggy boob struggle beard dick heads I see
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Sanka Darshana Jun 3
Replying to @sunandadesh
This has been the case in this country since the beginning... some opportunists are trying to sow fear and violence among ethnicities... both politicians and journalists...
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Steve Virissimo Oct 22
Watching Ca. Governor Gavin Newsome promising to find the cause of the price of gas increase in Cali reminds me of O.J. promising to find the real killer.
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ROX System ૐ May 13
Did you win the day?! If you did, do it again tomorrow, even better. If not, re-group, work harder, and execute better. You win some, you lose some, and you learn some.
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Fantasy Author Aug 11
Sometimes you have to drive it like you stole it, and sometimes you have to drive it like there's a dragon chasing you.
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Mark Dengate Oct 19
Replying to @LiberalAus
And then continued perpetuate false & racist application doctrine of terra nullius until judiciary finally in 1992 had enough of charade. 1967 referendum purpose was to assist Indigenous people, not be used by Howard Govt in such as racist Hindmarsh Bridge case.
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Jeannie McCrimmon Sep 17
projects his personal failings & Lib Dems lack of success onto Scotland.
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Brotherly Love Wrestling🎙 Nov 7
The people that were just WAITING for to make even the slightest mistake jumped all over this, stuff like this will always happen, no one is perfect...
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