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Todd Moore Jun 13
I don't agree with your evolution pseudoscience therefore I just don't understand. Talk about desperation for a world without God. I'll leave it to the readers of this thread to decide.
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Todd Moore Jun 11
Replying to @Neodoug2 @AiG
Yes, evolution pseudoscience Evolution speculates; We see small changes therefore over time a simple organism can become more complex over time. Zero observations of this phenomenon in nature or the lab.
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Gerry Geurts 15h
Buck's argument against the opener makes no sense... So you used one pitcher already, but if Jackson struggled in the first inning versus the second inning you'd still use the same number of pitchers after pulling him....
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logic Jun 13
Replying to @CamEdwards
When has pot killed anybody
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WhatIfBrigade Jun 9
Replying to @geekethics
By this logic shooting bullets is perfectly justified because they won't hit anyone til later.
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Sharon Martin Jun 15
Replying to @mr_mulletman
Interesting. And what is the reason they don't drive cars?
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TJ The OffBeat Ninja Jun 13
Imagine the hypocrisy when they had to sign a bunch of legal waivers in order to let other people permanently disfigure them. And even more hilarious is if they don't and then try to sue later on down the line when they realize what a moronic idea this is.
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Sol Jun 14
No but your grandchildren would be considered Japanese. It's like saying "So if me, a Norman, went to Provincia Britannia with my Saxon wife would be considered English?" Lol
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Joseph Jones Jun 11
Replying to @CarrieBercic
Yep. Keep on keeping on with the way forward … do NOT acknowledge past wrongs …
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TonyP 23h
Dawkins is not an evidenced-based thinker - there is zero evidence that the UK will be 'toast' after a clean
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HULK Smash Jun 12
Using your logic, the women in the Lingerie Football League should be paid the same as those in the NFL because both leagues have professional players.
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jeremy ramsay Jun 12
What about the Labour MPs that voted nay?
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We Are John Galt Jun 14
So the US Men’s team would lose against the US Women’s team in a match because they have more cups?
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Cindy Connolly Mar 19
I love people watching. At USPS yesterday. Lady trying to jam oversized pkg in too small mailbox outside. Finally gives up after 5 min, takes pkg back, puts 2nd smaller pkg in same box even though she needs to go in bldg to mail oversized pkg.
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💧💰 Gadgets sparks Joy 🖤 Feb 25
Replying to @bruce_haigh
Where and when is a character test done on people arriving by plane? Its not Visas, because: 1. Not all nations require Visas to choke to Australia. 2. If the character test does exist, evidence of its failure, is the requirement to deport over 4,000 'criminals'
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Lion IRC Jun 13
Well said doesn't see her own inconsistency. Because if pro-lifers should care about asylum seekers heartbeats then asylum seeker advocates should care about
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Stephen Jun 11
Well surely that would make you "unidentifiable"... 🤔
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The Alternative Katie Hopkins May 1
HOPKINS TOP TIPS (for failed 'logicians') How to use Contraposition (If A is True then B is also True) If Percy Pig is Vegan then LGBTQ people are sexually violence criminals x
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Chris Palermo Jun 5
Just like a liberal...wants someone else to pay. You clearly dislike this country, as you are "disgraced" by it yet you choose to stay in a place that is inferior to London?
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Luminous by TrixieCruz-Angeles Feb 16
I feel sorry for everyone who thinks that by bashing me, nagiging tama si Maria Ressa. Jusko.
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