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Nevin Byler Feb 12
Replying to @a_clown_prince @ACLJ
If there is nothing wrong with abortion, then there is nothing wrong with the... MURDER... of and an adult or child. THE ONLY DIFERENCE IS TIME! Think about it you were once a baby! we only have 1...
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Brandon R Feb 9
Sometimes it takes the death of someone close to remind you of how precious life is.. and how you should give of yourself unconditionally to make this place we call Earth a more palable place to exist..
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El Torres Feb 6
Tomorrow no one should go for the a little serious with Ur life bcos Politicians have nothing good to offer you..
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Michelle Leco Feb 10
Held a hand and prayed as someone crossed over to heaven
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Lisa Miranda Feb 13
Replying to @JesseMeester
It’s all too often don’t think about the commitment of having a child with someone, it’s not something to ever consider casually, a child deserves love and unity in its upbringing.
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Main Attractions Feb 10
Youre not promised tomorrow, so always take advantage of the life you have today!
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Neil Timms Feb 9
Replying to @_speedjunkie
Not just the weather consideration. I choose the turbo so I don’t get hit by idiot drivers
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Danny Maldonado 7h
Be that light that brightens the place, be the smile that changes ones day, be... HAPPY! @ Seattle, Washington
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DiVagno Cardiology Feb 13
It's hard not to marvel at the beauty of deer peacefully enjoying their habitat.
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SoulFULL_me Feb 10
I got to celebrate a good friend today. Birthdays are beautiful occasions and I'm grateful to spend time with my good friends. My family has faced a lot of health issues as of late so it's always nice to celebrate milestones in one's life.
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Born & Bred the Brand 14h
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Sam Carroll Feb 8
Wow just watched for the 1st time & am both heartbroken & heartwarmed which sounds ridiculous but the story of love & loss was magnificently written & the acting simply stunning.... 👏💔😭
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Karen Stevenson Feb 6
Replying to @StaffsPolice
What a beautiful photograph ❤️❤️
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Annette Teijeiro 16h
Stand for our most vulnerable. Women are severely scarred psychologically & physically. Men are psychologically impacted. The unborn are denied their life.
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Jessica Hedberg Feb 12
We are here to steward the garden. Learn about bee swarms. They are precious 🐝
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Duhallow AC Feb 10
Replying to @duhallowac
Special thanks to all of you who have kindly Donated to support the Irish motor neurone disease association Ireland Still places available ENTER NOW CLICK ON LINK BELOW
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Danny Maldonado Feb 11
Is not where we are headed, but what are we doing when we get there, that counts. Life is all about looking forward and enjoying the ride there.
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RoseC Feb 9
Great to see real care in action!
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George Reagan Feb 11
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
The DemonRats are panicking! Their narratives are backfiring. ; , !, , !
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ilove Feb 12
True Attractiveness blooms from the inside of a person🌹😍🌹 Life is a precious gift.💌 There is no other way but the way of love💞💗💞
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