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abi gail 4h
You get numb when you hear lies after lies. Sometime you will just ask your self, it is worth it to hold on while you bleed?
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Makatammy♡ 5h
As they did said, Being a journalist is getting used at getting called a liar.
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$MOKE 2h
Damn we was going after for nothing cuz after he posted his video and receipts start backing out smh
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WillaChawn May 18
Ah! More and more people are noticing the horrible editing! It was
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L. 5h
Said no one...
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kids_josette 7h
lol & his over 10,000
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Polyjuice [Riding that BTS high] May 19
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Karin 3h
Replying to @atrupar
Lol hide EVERTHING he CAN, but he is most transparent 😂😂😂 Only all your are transparent!
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el diablo May 13
FYI <10 tweets debunking your lies takes < 1 hour. You aren’t worth an hour, or the 5-10 tweets you get, from a sock! Let alone 100+ tweets, and 12 hour shifts like you claim. 🤣 Welna the stalker saying he’s stalked irl
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John Reed For President 9h
Replying to @JohnReedForPres
...Likewise, there were many false beliefs about gay men. I recall ideas that gay men were trying to convert straight men into gay men or that being gay was some sort of mental disease. Some of these people believed that gay men could be converted into straight men.
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IAmRoseay 6h
I hope no one actually falls for this 😴 They definitely don't have the James Charles Palette and even if they did, it wouldn't cost 6 dollars 😭😒
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Jules 🐲 2h
Replying to @OliversWilde
9/ Their motivation=transforming themselves & the world, the sorority...They should WANT 2 hand over everything as a sign of their commitment, Why wouldn't they want to, if it meant changing everything.. They DID NOT KNOW that the brand = KAR, or that he was behind it ALL.
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Truth Justice Rights May 18
Again you falsely accuse and misrepresent. It is love of God that seeks to serve Him, I could be praying for the rapture to happen right now, Heaven will be way better than here, but I'm not thinking only of myself. That's not insisting. You believe so many . The bible says:
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Ro Nay San Lwin 13h
In this Press Statement released by Embassy in said there are 4407 mosques across the country. This is official ! According to military regime in 1997 there were 2266 mosques. But at least 300 - 500 were demolished/destroyed.
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P'ied dresistance #peace #travel #iRESIST #al🌈y 12h
Yep trust this guy more than anyone in the present admin based on
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shanna spruill 23h
It’s amazing how negative things travel faster than positive things. Don’t believe the first thing you hear
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♕ Mary Draper 6h
Replying to @LToddWood
That's all has....
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Le Frenchy 13h
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
Sunday temper tantrum time.
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Agustin Lara May 18
Kevin: I drive the speed limit!
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XxGeminiXx May 18
Replying to @OldestWays_ @RAZ0RFIST
No it is not true! Please watch rebuttals on YouTube! James said he was groomed & abused at the one and only train station at Neverland 88-92. However wasn't finished construction until 94. He said he abused him there at the early stages of alleged abuse.
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