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Billy Hunt (esq) The Original~ UnStable Genius :) Oct 7
When you thought this Guv couldn't go any lower~ They lift the mark~Widow allowance will cease as of 1st January 2022,you will have to apply to Centrelink for Newstart~ on hold to C'link now,that's the recording I got~ fck you Scooter .
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Au Purrr , The ResistaCat Mar 13
another deserting s sinking ship, the signs are clear
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Us & Them Jan 19
Julie Bishop: It’s time to hang up the heels Another female considers jumping ship
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Allan Green Jun 2
The Truth has been out there for a while Richard Di Natale really is a in a Sheep's Clothing No wonder the Greens were tearing themselves apart He's WON 2 ELECTIONS against now Was the Bob Brown Tour his idea??
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█████ ███ ████ █ Rory - Redacted #LNP Psychopath 15 Apr 18
Where is the factory that turns out these clones ? They are nearly as big a threat to civilized humanity as 's chemical weapons factories 🎩
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💦BigAl of hansard fame but not a bot Dec 26
Replying to @JoshButler
stupid stunt What about teamwork on boat Oh thats right she deserting ship For 20 seconds of fame This is worse than fake shoe stunt Jbishop shows she not part team Also put herself in danger from aharks And other boats in race She comes across childish
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NERC NCEO 22 Jun 16
radiative transfer tutorials for simulating with notebooks available from
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Graeme Bowman 27 Sep 18
Replying to @daveyk317
This can't be true! But with our tinfoil Government is not surprised in the slightest :((((
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Graeme Bowman Mar 30
He's a so it's in his DNA
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Graeme Bowman 20 Aug 16
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Rosie & Bill for Pm 15 Mar 17
Today! with the power vested in me,i declare it National day,fight the power . rise my fellow puppies
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💧Jude Jan 19
Yes, notice all the 'men' crawling over themselves to throw her a lifeline? No...I didn't either, what's another to those *rseholes?
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💧Shaun Warnock 13 Nov 18
Replying to @marcialangton @abcnews
It seems that at every chance, taxpayers dollars haemorrhage by the grant-load into pockets. There’ll be plenty stolen funds for everyone’s retirement post election. Aren’t the rich white men lucky? Oh yeah, Federal Corruption Commission, Bring it on!
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Billy Hunt (esq) The Original~ UnStable Genius :) Nov 26
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William Ball Jul 23
Replying to @RBJRON @nobby15 and 47 others
There on special this week Ron at HQ~😊
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Graeme Bowman 26 Mar 17
She won't a remember :)
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💧Herodotus Doodle🐾Irreverent😈Pissed Orf@RWNJS Mar 4
Urrrrgh...Has this lying, fake IPA ever had an original idea?...EVER?? 🙄 Blahblahblah... 😝🗣🖕😠
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💧 🌊 Fillis-tine No time for Bots. Jun 20
Replying to @knarfnamduh
Great, and what about the shonk deal with broadcasting and the towers? Dirty deals spread evenly and everywhere.
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💧JD Anthony May 9
Replying to @Vic_Rollison
Wasn't a letter very similar to this sent out in Dutton's electorate? dirty tricks FGS!
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Babylonian Debt forgiver... 5 Jun 16
Replying to @johndory49
Well yeah.. bereft of real policy, ya gotta get down'n'dirty. forte
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