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SW6Traffic Dec 5
Make no mistake... THIS is the measure of - disappeared after failing to deliver on each & every promise made to us about Harwood Terrace reopening. Only resurfaces when ‘outed’ publicly. We have recordings & msgs which prove his unforgivable deceit.
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kris hill forsgren Jul 2
Replying to @sairasameerarao
IF Hillary had kicked his adulterous Ass to the curb RATHER than 'ride' slick Willy for a political opportunity, I may have respected her more. She set a poor example for women, regardless of her political party.
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DramaFollower 4 Dec 18
Hmmm...I'm not sure anymore. Maybe his dad dying really did change him? I do wish them well. But I see
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@Ease12 Mar 11
They would help if you lot stopped the not so funny circus! We would watch ZBC all day if you stripped all the propaganda! Yes, you will get viewers, not because ZBC is great, but just like the 2017 coup people think you’ve changed only to find the same decadent
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Jon Gunning Nov 21
Replying to @J_Gunning
I suppose it was what I had come to expect from them and the reason I changed years ago.
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Mike Sherman Sep 6
disappointing and disappointed. Until next time I suppose.
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lomikriel May 18
The patient folks at HR have replaced my ID badge approx ~every time the weather turns and if you want to know why here’s a smattering of evidence from me in college.
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His Holiness Edward Look  🇪🇺 snjôrflayc Mar 31
Replying to @BrendonHope
Leaves on trees a dead giveaway. Typical quitter lies
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Jude Feb 12
Now that’s what I call a school report...
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greg fell Mar 6
Canada: tobacco companies must pay C$16bn to Quebec smokers, appeal court rules But company documents revealed a clear pattern of hiding or minimising the truth and of encouraging public misperceptions, the court found.
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💦Laird Mick W Beattie May 27
Is Chris Nelson a paid up member of 's LNP. Hope he is not a 'Reconciliation Advisor'
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SWANK 4 Dec 18
Replying to @GwenNgwenya
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TheLongerGame Dec 18
Replying to @GilgameshGod666
I bet a pound to a penny that if it goes into RTO it will be suspended and never come back trapping every suckers money with it
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Dave Balter May 21
My Way or the Highway: The greatest responsibility of any leader is to generate unquestionable awareness of how to succeed.
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DeeplyDividedBananaRepublic 🇪🇺REJOIN #FBPE #GTTO Aug 13
Replying to @Kimila111 @KayBurley
There’s nothing inaccurate in what he reported. You’re very naive if you can’t see that Fuhrage is a white supremacist. Just ask his classmates way back when.
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Garry Manford Sep 21
Replying to @SkyNews @MSmithsonPB
Tony Blair: ...But I'd still giggle, since Tom was instrumental in bringing an early end to my Prime Ministership 😏
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Glenn Ashton ekogaia 6 Dec 18
Unchanged from Juju the tenderpreneur.
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cycleoptic 12h
no wonder their most ecological "supporter" was against and wanted more polluting vehicles into Hammersmith....
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Mick Gillick MBE Jul 28
“Work together”?! A strange notion?
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Ivan Loh Nov 17
Replying to @staronline
Malaysia Baru. Blinding transparency, deafening freedom of speech. But still so much better than the denial, deception, and distraction that BN is still practicing till now.
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