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Sara Freytag 4h
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Michael Fagan 🚴🏻 6h
Replying to @mikefagan_ibc
Why one chooses the English law for contracts in banking, over some obscure Luxembourg type bench.
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Yemen Watch Sep 16
The official said that his country stands with the unity of and support the legitimate government and efforts to restore the state.
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Kyle enjoyed that kiss! Sep 11
If you want to share any thoughts on Y&R send a tweet to He's asking questions for a study.
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Craig Amabello Sep 16
Replying to @WinterRae82
WHAT'S a Country? And oh ya... WHAT Exactly is a ?
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Grnch Sep 16
Replying to @nylgk @ewarren and 2 others
And switched from to too
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Stephanie Arwine Sep 15
Project Freedom Live Episode 5: How to Gain Momentum waystomakemoney
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BloGoal Sep 13
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Jim Sep 9
Replying to @realDonaldTrump @POTUS
If you were a & a sane person you would know that people have their own lives. You claim you were the one that put everyone back to work, so if everyone is working we have no time for you childish or BS. Well it is important to you!
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Connie Charron Sep 14
.Yep and is still the ! is, has been & always will be a , a totally who's been conning the while stealing as much $$ fr them as he thinks he can possibly get away with!
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Emmanuel Okoroafor Sep 14
for use and also for Acts. Warning Over Terrorist Attacks Using Drones Given By EU Security Chief via
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Dracula's Spatula Sep 12
Ahahahaha! 🏆 We Love You Our I'll Make You Some Pancakes! <3 Drac 💗
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Wiseoldwizard Sep 9
but the is not in any reasonable sense of the word. cheated and lied their way through it. Had it been a mandatory referendum it would have been and overturned
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Agapé Chicago Sep 8
Steve Johnson: We have , but sometimes, we can go overboard with them.
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Trap 🏁 23h
Replying to @whocares122427
lol hate to see it
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Hussain Sep 15
Replying to @Trader_Dante
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Kirk Haffland 🍑 Sep 15
Replying to @PeterHoskinsTV
They are speaking of the “harmless fun” phrase. The story itself is .
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LittleVapingPrincess Sep 14
Replying to @LittleVaping
getting harder and harder. It was . I felt like I was and I realized I needed a change. A friend of mine had a vape and she educated me on the benefits of it. A and company making juices only have 4 main ingredients plus artificial flavors. And
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Mr. Breezy Sep 13
Replying to @PaulBruce_Ouch
I think given Canada's past history the BrAIn trust is OK with ignoring the concerns of the elders.
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Trap 🏁 Sep 12
that guy with the glasses was getting me upset and making things up talking about the doctor asign what sex you are anything to push their agenda
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