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Tara Calishain 16m
New York Times: Turkey Passes Law Extending Sweeping Powers Over Social Media -
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WK WorkDay 20m
Will the -19 proposal survive? -
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's 4th "Digital Transformation Of The & The Upcoming ⚖️ Of Blockchain Technology In " shed light on how and are shaping both the Public & Private Sectors. Click here to watch it again ✅
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Brukalo Law, P.C. 23h
On this day In : On August 3, 1882, Congress passed the 1st Federal regulating .
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PAWS Pet Foundation Jul 31
Replying to @reddogsusie
How low can Cowards go? Very sad! Let’s save this betrayed ! The abandonment of any should be considered deliberate ! We must influence our to pass a on this! Once done w/penalties we’ll see
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Dorn Policy Group 1h
Senate Republicans released their proposal for the next round of federal to provide relief regarding , otherwise known as the HEALS Act. reports the top 10 takeaways:
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Algeria in Maputo, Mozambique 20h
virtual Ministers of /Attorney Generals' meeting aimed at in the region.
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Indegu Ltd Jul 29
We can help you with affordable, engaging content for any size of project. Send us a sample of your learning material and we’ll let you know how easy course conversion can be achieved.
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IAM Platform Aug 2
Congressional hearing reveals that tech firms will face greater oversight READ MORE: *
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If you missed it earlier this year, join us on 19 Aug for a pre-recorded webinar to gain an overview of our for Working with Wildlife. FREE for all to attend.
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Animal Law Reform Aug 1
In , the predominant piece of dealing with is named the “Resources” Act, which reflects how lawmakers & society at large view . Respectforfishday
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Simon A.C. Martin Aug 2
This is bollocks. Absolute bollocks. Also a . and played into decisions on the route at every stage. That’s why the route has specific curves and a lot of reuse of old land where it can. You’d know this if you had studied it.
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IAM Platform 29m
The Covid-19 Effect: Why Automation in the Margin Call Process is More Important than Ever – Traders Magazine READ MORE: +
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Envirotech Aug 3
Are you up-to-date on UK & policy & regulation? Check out Essential Online with a free 10-day trial 👉 . Updated daily with developments in environmental protection, control & regulatory constraints.
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Zoe Aug 2
Almost done with by Patrick Kennedy.. what an amazing book! If you’re interested in , , , and the , then this is a must read. His honesty and resilience are inspiring 📚
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Corporate Governance 9h
RT : Harry Gardner: RON Has Evolved From a ‘Nice-to-Have’ to ‘Must-Have’ Technology – MortgageOrb READ MORE:
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Wendy Hopkins Family Law Practice 6h
Claire Binnersley talks about the change in and video-witnessed to be made legal during the coronavirus pandemic.
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Kwanalu Jul 31
Kwanalu members get accurate, timeous information about their specific & general agricultural & rural-based interests. Filter out , get updates & be heard by becoming a member. Contact us on
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