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Philip Idle Aug 11
Encourage members to contribute to this dialogue. Investing in relevant into is a key in developing our practices and learning from each other. A program that is proudly supported by the Region.
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Emily Walker Apr 16
Lying in bed with a pretty stiff neck after painting this in our school lobby today 😊
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Lauren Wilson Jun 14
61% of think their would be improved by an environment that was well designed for learning. Should we redesign to make them more conducive to learning? Get involved in the conversation!
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Miss Joyce Oct 18
🐞🐞Outdoor Exploration ... I see. I think. I wonder.
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Eric Tenllado Ortega Apr 17
Looking forward to present the Development Model to all our coaches on Sunday April 22nd at the University of Toronto.
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Eric Tenllado Ortega Apr 18
"Time will explain it all. He is a talker, and needs no questioning before he speaks"
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Leagh Reilly May 15
Thank you to and for bringing the readiness for learning approach to primary two! We love our new learning areas!!!! 🔨✏️📚⚠️💚
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Verena Zimmer Aug 6
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Miss Joyce Mar 28
Read & Write the Room👥📋🖍🤗... What’s my favourite part of write the room? How does it make me feel?
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What kind of preparation is needed to handle rising numbers of diagnosed with & how do educators best provide healthy+challenging for them? |
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Learning environments are the second largest concern for students globally, as revealed in our report . Want some inspiration on how to improve your learning environments? Here are some of our favorite options...
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Of course, we would all love to build our dream school – but what would this look like in reality? Fuji Kindergarten is that building! Check it out if you love holistically designed, child friendly architecture.
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Want To Improve Your Learning Environments? Here's Our Favorites From Around The World!
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LK Aug 8
Getting things set up. My best learning environment involves house music and headphones, a cool temperature and not a lot of other people.
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Our report revealed 61% of students want better learning environments. We've gathered together some of our favorite innovative from around the world. Which inspire you the most?
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Joe Magliocca Aug 7
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Robin Williams Aug 6
Replying to @RobinBCBA
1. Comfortability - more space for students 2. Approachability - more engagement 3. Mileage - more exercise 4. Ownership - not "my room" but "OUR ROOM" GOOD STUFF.
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Kirstin Krause Aug 6
Check out my project on ! I'd love your help to bring my project to life:
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Could cafe culture be the secret to better classroom design? Hear how a visit to inspired teacher Kayla Delzer to ditch a traditional classroom layout in favor of flexible seating!
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King's Online Jul 19
A really exciting new partnership between , and this - a specialised in International Tax Law, delivered through fantastic learning environments.
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