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Carol 2h
Replying to @PageSix
Take a look at this pic and her latest nude cover pic and count the photoshopped areas....just her entire face and body. That does nothing to empower women. And who gives a shit about her 3somes? It’s probably why is married to someone else.
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Bucephalus Development, LC Sep 19
Replying to @UncleRico77 @zerohedge
What does this have to do with and his crooked dealings? Isn’t the entire fam starring in a reboot? : Playing with Daddy’s Money💩
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David Feld Sep 17
Replying to @RepMattGaetz @Comey
"if it’s what you say I love it especially later in the summer." responding to government offering to help Trump's campaign...
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Replying to @brucekenneway
2-12 that trump and did not! report $1billion! (thats $1million a thousand times over) given trump and kushner by and sons. Those are serious felony crimes, punishable by forfeiture of assests, and when trump is defeated at the voting polls November
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JEFSantamonica Sep 20
I HATE THIS! We trained their pilots - let them do their own fighting. Why is going over there right after Pompeo - does he think he needs to hold the prince's hand????
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𝔗𝔬𝔪 𝔔𝔲𝔦𝔧𝔬𝔱𝔢 🌎🌍🌏 7h
Are these smiles photoshopped or faceapped?
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MaryC3 4h
Why is ?? representing us in Saudi Arabia...he could not get a straight up security clearance His family was reported to have large and complex financial deals with the Saudis and Qatar.
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Michael O'Grady 49m
struggled to get a security clearance. The Saudi Crown Prince reportedly BRAGGED that he was "IN HIS POCKET." Why is this happening? RT#WP
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David Traynor Sep 20
Ivanka Trump's favourite thing: her globe | -
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Mø - Sep 18
Butt butt butt (sic) the secret genius was going to establish Middle East peace remember 😂🙄🙄
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BitchByBravo Sep 20
LMAOOOOO!!!! Nepotism? They name is
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Enrique Legaspi Sep 17
Balls & strikes! We aren’t for sale... but like tower apartments, cash from ’s prince is reason to send anyone’s sons & daughters to war except those named & ?
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A Voter 5h
Replying to @CREWcrew
He’s been summoned. He has no choice. is beholden to
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Suzan 5h
Stephen ( ) is in not far from where and are !!!...
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cassandracarolina Sep 20
and : I’m betting they might Take off for a country that won’t extradite
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Drew Daily 🌊⚡ 12h
Replying to @HillBeverlyhill
If IRAN had bailed out Kushner 666 5th Ave for $2 Billion We'd be sending troops to defend IRAN
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Jeanie Sep 20
Replying to @muffinboy10
They're the bankers dummie! 😂😂 the stupidity of Americans astounds me!
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MyMktgVision Sep 20
Replying to @sfpelosi
So are being used as mercenaries to protect ? Explains what used for collateral to get a bailout for
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C West Sep 20
Problem w & entire family, thy mistakenly believe thy royalty. Far frm the traitorous truth! Ivanka Trump, Prince Harry and Meghan Arrive for …:
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Where_and_When Sep 20
Replying to @AndyOstroy
Very profitable to and coffers. Wouldn't be surprised if Saudis perpetrated the attack themselves.
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