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Baxtiyar Goran Jul 20
Turkish media outlets showing their hatred towards the and
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Egîd Hesen (عكيد) Jul 20
Just in: 19 year old Arîn Salah have committed suicide (by hanging herself at home) in city after repetitive abuses from -backed armed groups- local sources say. [Most probably sexual abuse] .
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Amy Austin Holmes Jul 15
Just met with Kurdish and Arab members of the in Raqqa. While the city was under control, a fatwa was issued demanding that all evacuate Raqqa. It was their collective punishment for cooperating with the to liberate the city.
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Hawzhin Azeez 3h
This is why is able to exert so much power, put on the terror list, stop international media from reporting its crimes, stop NGO and human rights orgs from demanding justice for victims of their terrorism. He is in bed with key US leaders.
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Nicholas A Heras 2h
Is it possible for there to be a presence in N/E in a manner that would: (1)Protect the from attacks; (2)Prevent from imposing its will on the people of Rojava; (3)Avoid ethnic cleansing of like in ; and (4)Deter the reemergence of ?
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Botin Kurdistani 3h
Replying to @kurdistannews24
VIDEO: Erdogan is Dead or alive? Street of Istanbul Istanbul tv : What will happen if Erdogan die ? or dead The Man: “Everything's Gonna Be Great “
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Shukriya 5h
3 mass grave sites discovered today in the Samawa,southern Iraq.The graves contain the remains of hundreds of Kurdish civilians, including women &children, killed during Saddam’s campaign of extermination in the late 1980s known as the , launched to punish
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Rasan Remzi 11h
Mass grave found in desert, Southwestern of today. It is believed to be buried alive by the 's Baath Party during the process.
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M. Delal☀️ 4h
Replying to @M__Delal
Many families are still waiting for news from their then murdered relatives. You want to bury them with respect and family. During the operation, at least 182,000 were murdered. The campaign was supposed to continue and wipe out the entire population (5)
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Chircha 10h
Replying to @IsraelMFA @JZarif
Iran a racist country w a terrorist government has for 40 yrs, employed racist policies in areas of economy, polity, social/linguistic spheres against non-Persians incl; AhwaziArab, , Etc. Iran has been engaged in “EconomicTerrorism” against these nations 4 decades.
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Çiya Yê Kûrmanj Jul 21
Replying to @KomaraKurdan
I have said that that b4, the assimilation process against in 🦃ey have entered a very dangerous phase, dont expect that the next generation could even speak kurdish. but despite all of that there is a tiny hope left and that is , Why!? ...
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Shino Can Jul 22
CAN and SHOULD STOP this arrogance Turkish regime from going after .
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Hawzhin Azeez Jul 19
has no clue about what is going on in Iraq or Syria or the or what’s happened to the Yezidi people. The lives of millions of Kurds hangs in his hands and he has no clue. Shameful and horrifying on so many levels.
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𝐹𝒶𝒾𝓏 𝑀 𝐵𝒶𝓁𝓊𝒸𝒽 Jul 22
even haunted during their meeting with . Mr. President like the are a democratic & secular nation who are totally different than those [Pakistan & Iran] who have created a havoc on regional & International level.
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TáMir BájAlán 4h
A: Questions 4 my fellow : 1-what would Kurds gain from killing or or soldiers? 2-will Turkish - Iranian - arab regimes collapse by killing100s or 100s of their soldiers? 3-when these regimes R weak, will they bargain with , , or Kurds?
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Karokh Nuraddin 3h
Replying to @KarokhNuraddin
Currently, this is how Provincial Council seats are occupied as per 2005 elections. : 26/41 seats 63%. : 9/41 seats 21%. : 6/41 seats 16%.
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Hawar Ali 15h
becomes Prime Minister. In 2015 He visited Region and supported cause.. hope he won't forget the like other western leaders when they have power
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BasNews English Jul 22
Mass Graves of in South of to be Exhumed on Tuesday -
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Renwar Najm Jul 22
Today marks the 20th anniversary of passing the renowned singer Hozan Sarhat. Even though he was from Bakur, but lived several years in Bashur and sang his mellifluous song for ! Hozan lived only 29 years, but many other singers followed his path of art.
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Frederike Geerdink Jul 21
in a bar in writing cards to imprisoned in . had a ham cheese , for the first time in probably thirty years. it's such a bar, what can i do?
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