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LFTFAndy Feb 20
Championship derbies: Norwich > Ipswich Bolton > Wigan Birmingham > Villa Forest > Derby United > Wednesday Leeds > Rotherham Straight facts.
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James Barr Feb 20
Replying to @BirminghamFanTV
Done !! 🔵⚪️
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Stu 7h
pretty sure Hleb remembers his time at Birmingham...and that shiny league cup medal he got for us beating Arsenal at Wembley 🏆💙
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paul spencer Feb 20
Replying to @1875SHA
got no bollaxs that’s y 😂
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Mick 14h
would be f**ked if you in charge in any capacity at the so I’m surprised you haven’t been employed by them already as they obviously have it in for us
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Morgan dowling Feb 13
get the bedsheets out mate 😂😂
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Epitaph Feb 16
Replying to @MillingtonVilla
I think the deduction,when it comes, is already factored into our performances... we'll 'keep right on'
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James Wu-Tang Feb 20
Alright, not the most original, but it’s got some potential. Garry’s at the wheel Tell me how good does it feel We’ve got Jota, Jukey, and Che. The Villa are running away.
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Ian Suffolk Feb 20
Replying to @AVFCOfficial
Great reaction. Enjoy your day Harry. Happy Birthday.
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Carl Hobbis 17h
Against BCFC as well, a mystery as why he’s not playing for us?
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richard p 7h
Replying to @BCFC @pnefc
Can't wait....
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Nick Oakley 19h
Che you’re English, Scotland would be a backward step for you mate. Keep improving at club level as you are and England awaits 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
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wayne bache Feb 20
Fair play you thought it was the warm up goals but seriously how are you doing now
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james wheeler Feb 17
School term tomorrow chill and relax. It’s 5 days till my birthday.
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Lewis Healing Feb 18
how many tickets have we sold for the Hull game?
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Jamie Smith 24h
in light of your video about Norwich; how Garry Monk has turned round Birmingham’s fortunes from staying up on the final day to challenging for playoffs, despite a transfer embargo, would be brilliant!
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Simon Walker Feb 20
Championship fans by tier: (Class) Birmingham (Shite) The rest
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Birmingham City News Feb 20
'It was a low point in my career and life':
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Sarah Feb 17
Good luck 👊💙
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Titanica Jensen Feb 20
My Mother hasn't been to St Andrews in over 60 years(her Brother was the orignal in the family born and bread) She asked a few days ago if I can bring her to a home game - music to my ears
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