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Rickey Koga May 20
Today we introduced six fish (3 types) into our system and learned how it's a sustainable ecosystem 🌱🐟 We dove into the cycle of poop/pee, decomposition, fertilization, purification that happens within the bucket ♻️ Ss minds are primed!🧠
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Rickey Koga May 8
We have officially set up our bucket in the courtyard area ! 🐟🌱 We put the gravel in, set up the solar panel+water pump, and planted oregano in some growstones ☑️ Time to grow raise fish + plants in one symbiotic ecosystem!
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Rickey Koga May 24
Second Gr Ss expertly explaining our system 🐟🌱 The oregano is loving the SoCal sun ☀️ Next step: introduce the academic vocab of the nitrogen cycle ♻️
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