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UncleJimmy Feb 18
Happy 21st !best part is u gonna look the same drunk as u do sober!! Enjoy! ⁦
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David Feb 12
So, you have nothing to contribute to the discussion!
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Vijay Budhiraja 🇮🇳 Feb 17
Replying to @RahulGandhi
already knew that you were dense in the head but it seems it has also affected ur reading abilities ( understanding anything is an issue with u , no doubt) ... ! don't speak when you can't comprehend ! Comprende.
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Karen💎 Feb 11
Replying to @MikeBloomberg
Go take a nap, aint nobody messing with you... another with money🤨
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Gandalf Stormcrow Feb 12
Replying to @wholelottajello
Racist .
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ItJustIsn'tRight Feb 18
Yes, this is why we need better gun laws.
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That would be the same as saying IT is just point and click. What a
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THE Willie Pete Feb 17
And now an example of a subpar comeback.
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David Feb 11
How is that, “there is no such thing as climate change..” going Tony Abbott?
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戴天瑞 Feb 11
Shit ... you don’t even understand social media ...
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✨TJ Thompson ✨ Feb 14
One of My Favorites growin up! ✊🏽😎✊🏽
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TampaWINNER Feb 16
Replying to @cspanwj @SebGorka and 2 others
Good morning REALLY this guy Sebastian Gorka is a along this the leadership of Party .. Yes they and the left both lie AGAIN in interviews ·
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jonathan santos Feb 17
still#sucks. To call him an is self censoring. He is scary mierda de murcielago. Translation: batshit.
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Chopperdave Feb 18
Still one of my favorite choppers ever. Droopy’s knuckle. Perfect in every way. We all miss you Droopy, RIP. @ Van Nuys, California
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David Evans Feb 14
You should be ashamed putting down yourself and Brennan.
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sainan sanjaya Feb 19
Don't just look at it, RIDE it ! see you at the_x_memorial_wingday2k20 from 3'rd to 5'th of April 2020
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MMH - The Home Of Rock Radio Feb 16
Blue Sunday with Paul Cash Every Sunday 7-8pm The show where R'n'B Still mean something and you get your Blues with a Heavy Twist of Rock! This week we'll be hearing from
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Deonsha' ⚜ Feb 14
My dog all up in my blinds yesterday! 😒🙄 No clue what he was growling at out there.
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Manuel Antonio González Feb 17
Bathing Peke... an angry poodle’s story 💦🐩🥰 @ Upper Mesa Hills, El Paso
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