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KL | UnnieInYourArea ♡ Nov 19
I tried to incorporate the instrumental rendition of to their prom dance scene. It's one of my most fave scene in the series..
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gaya sa pelikula bot Nov 27
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jana • papa pancake Nov 27
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annie mae shawn | orca plushie ♍ Nov 22
Venting my frustrations into trad painting while listening to cover by
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jay || ASF sigsheet ni Karl Almasen Nov 26
are we getting the mv? or are we getting a ?
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vlad Nov 19
made me feel a lot of emotions huhu and okay, will listen to Honne 🙌🏼
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maya 🌱#GayaSaPelikula Nov 23
batubalani'y pusong pagal- 1. magbabalik sa pagmamahal -weary hearts will return to love like magnets 2. magbabalik ang pagmamahal -weary hearts are magnets that love will always return to i just like the feeling of love always returning to people, naturally, organically
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Ly Nov 21
Replying to @noTforEAaAT
also, in Spotify when??? 😩
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zadee|🥞 Nov 27
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Daniel Dale | Hope For a Better Tomorrow Nov 27
Replying to @ianpangilinan_
Kidding aside, really is so talented. I'm so glad he's getting the love that he deserves right now. Ever since I saw him in that InRealLife Dance Musical years ago, I knew he had so much potential in the entertainment industry. Kudos to Ian!! ^_^
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meowmew Nov 20
Listening to while on the road. I'm so in love with this song, with Ian's voice and with the lyrics ❤️
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Dew Famine 🥞 #SOGIEEqualityNow Nov 27
me after i finished watching the premiere of Kilometer Zero’s MV
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i'm weak, i'm baby Nov 20
While waiting for , Ikaw Lamang on repeat!!!
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Atomicnumber50 Nov 19
Replying to @PaoloNeighbors
I'm literally crying myself to sleep while listening to last night grabeeeeee😂💙
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𝗦𝗨𝗘 𝗦𝗧𝗔𝗡 #GayaSaPelikula Nov 20
Someday we’ll turn these what-ifs into reality
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i'm weak, i'm baby Nov 22
on Spotify MV WHEN
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Balearic Islands Nov 23
Wines and liquors from Menorca 🍷 Discover the best wine cellars on the island
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jay || ASF sigsheet ni Karl Almasen Nov 22
Replying to @pancakexmoon
baka bloopers or extended scene? or release na ng mv finally?
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fancake 🥞 Nov 21
on Spotify when? We need the full playlist on loop! 🥺
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giftwrap sa braso ni karl Nov 27
Replying to @austrialmasen
the dimensions of the frame for Dear Karl was narrower, mainly bc the focal point was Karl - he's the main subject; but w/ the scene montage, it was broader, so it could fit in 2 people better. it is Karl & Vlad's story. Dear Karl (ep07) MV
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