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Israel Unfiltered 13h
Replying to @nofilter_Il
>>to be completed before the upcoming national elections. Demands include: (1) "Full evacuation" of the village of (internationally condemned as a war crime); (3) "Returning infiltrators from Eritrea to their country" (the international crime of refoulement);>>
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PeaceEnvoy Nov 15
Replying to @lfpme @DavidLammy and 3 others
actually considers himself an anti-racist campaigner despite supporting a racist regime currently bombing civilians in & preparing to ethnically cleanse . ?
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Divest or else you are complicit with cultural genocide and mass murder.
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al whit Nov 6
The ethnic cleansing of Palestinians continues - via
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PSC Nov 14
Don't forget about the Palestinian village of - still facing demolition. We are calling on to divest its almost £100m shares in due to its involvement in what says would be a "war crime". Join us
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Eli Dror Nov 7
Replying to @palbahaa
is an illegal bedouin slum where 180 people live in huts without plumbing or electricity. plans to move them to safer nearby location with modern facilities including electricity, running water and plumbing.
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GNOpinion Nov 6
Why the ethnic cleansing of continues unabated? The fate of is part of a larger Israeli context that deserves equal international attention, condemnation and action. Excellent essay by Dr
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Regavim Nov 8
MK Avi Dichter, Chairman of Foreign Affairs and Defense Comm., joined Regavim at for an up-close look at the strategic implications of the PA's hostile takeover of the Adumim Region, and a survey of Regavim's report on "Roots Project."
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Jamil Dakwar Nov 11
While the Trump admin threatened to criminalize ICC judges and prosecutors, Israel is indirectly cooperating with the preliminary examination of Gaza war crimes. Prosecutor’s warnings seem to have a deterrent effect at least in .
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Labour 2 Palestine Nov 14
v - a battle between the far right and the far, far right
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Noa Landau Nov 14
Replying to @AvigdorLiberman
Interesting overlooked point from ’s resignation announcement: Among his reasons, mainly , he also mentioned at the beginning the issue of . “I wanted to demolish & the PM issued a written statement to stop it”
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ab Nov 14
Replying to @Abc11Ab
DM Liberman is saying his resigning today is because: 1. Israel's response to the 500 projectiles fired from Gaza into Israel was too weak. 2. was not evacuated yet Of course, the coming elections also played a part in his decision to resign
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Regavim Nov 10
After a 2-hour interview, FT cut down Regavim's take on to 45 seconds!
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BDS Italia 17h
Intervista a Giulia Schirò, capoprogetto di , la Ong italiana che ha costruito la Scuola di gomme per i bambini del villaggio .
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Khan al Ahmar: La última posibilidad de supervivencia del Estado palestino vía
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Nena NewsAgency Nov 15
INTERVISTA-AUDIO. Lieberman si è dimesso ma resta in allerta
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Señor G. y sus Gafas Nov 9
Khan al-Ahmar hoy escribe en defensa de las justas reivindicaciones de
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Àngela Ballester Nov 9
Ahir en em van preguntar per . Murs, carreteres exclusives per a israelians, destrucció d’escoles, aldees beduines com amenaçades de demolició... En resum: ocupació, apartheid i violació dels DDHH per part d’Israel.
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✖️🌻💫🖤🌟 Ᾰฑฑ༈℮ 🌟🖤💫🌻✖️ Nov 6
Replying to @IntlCrimCourt
While the fascist “postpones” demolition of because of a PR catastrophe ❌the of continues on a daily basis‼️ 👇🏼. ❌👇🏼 ❌EndTheOccupation ❌
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