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shafiq 23 Sep 10
Replying to @LarasPermata (glee season 2) :)
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Mark Pineda 25 Mar 10
Replying to @bertstephani
then just make it a two part download..try that..maybe that help..
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Steph Terravecchia 24 Nov 12
Maybe I get too involved in other people's lives.
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Wayne Cooper 2 Mar 19
Replying to @Brooksyhfc @bigjonesy1
They should maybe start using this technique?
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JORD♛ 27 Nov 13
Just did laundry. Well, only put shit in the dryer. Idk how to wash. I hope I didn't screw that stuff up tho..
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kelsey lockhart 9 Jun 13
Sometimes it's hard to understand.
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Robyn Borgmann 18 Aug 13
I do so much but yet I can't get a thank you
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EthniCitizen Feb 25
at garden, another views on tracking around the highland. ----------------------------------- for
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dante blair 🎮 18 Dec 18
If you follow your favorite YouTuber that does videos on phones, cases, etc.. you can’t base choosing your next phone upgrade over what they have because they’re phones are forever changing. Do your homework and choose the phone YOU like.
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trey mockabee 5 May 13
I don't care if you've hurt me in the past, I'm still gonna be there for you if you lemme..
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Andrew M 27 Sep 12
i dont want to hear this anymore
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Miranda Budge 9 Jan 12
Wish things could just once go my way...
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Hopey Valadez 18 Mar 13
So done apparently everything I do isn't good enough.
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Samantha Oleson 26 Sep 13
Alright we get it, but were trying.
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Ronnie_Park_ 2 Mar 12
@THEsashaparnell your welcome<3 (: (:
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Krisztina Hirth 🇪🇺 27 Oct 15
Replying to @jbrains
What about going to a coffeehouse?
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Kelly Stapleton 24 Apr 12
Replying to @mlags1
i dont judge you!
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Daniel Daulat 16 Sep 16
Replying to @robinsonfifa
maybe you can use barcode number in barcode sticker in your receipt.
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JayDieNL 15 Feb 11
Replying to @AWG_whisky
No problem, but I see Menno often OnLine there (instead of here) :-P
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DavidAlexanderCarter 3 Mar 13
Replying to @tylerthecreator
@fucktyler man I can't wait to see Loiter Squad.. Oh shit think about this make it into a movie like jackass did??
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