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Swaiz Ahmed 13h
I wish my phone would vibrate right now and your name comes up on the screen.
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pat 2h
Maybe you aren’t but it’s my favourite hobby!
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Adesuji Temitope 5h
Replying to @_ulove_chan
I just showed them this msg.
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Point Zero 1h
Replying to @sheezusrose
heyyyyyy guuuuuuuuuurrrrrl
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Michael Doyle 3h
Oh no! There's two of them! ! More DZ's the better!
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yawwn 3h
Replying to @PrisonPlanet
Assuming women have breasts is highly sexist and shows your white privilege! 😂
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dj Oct 15
Replying to @JamieDornanoffi
I’m never sending nudes again 😂
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Ms. Krygier 55m
I’m only a little more than ridiculously excited to own this lovely collection of little pep talks...
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Alex Contreras 3h
Perfect weather to be in a pool 🏊 😂 🤪
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Rohan chitral 3h
Replying to @CoachSapna
This kind of statement ( or shall I call it 'Excuse') is given by ppl who don't have good handwriting (or have bad handwriting) and they don't like it, if someone point out the same thing.
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Gaston D'Agrivieri 2h
Replying to @IndieWire
I think he needs to start composing a better smile, this photo looks like he was about to compose a big smile and then gave up halfway there. But the photographer insisted on making him smile more and then looked at the camera with disgust and click📸 I❤️ his 🎼
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I Reyes 8h
only two moods while playing fortnite
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Freedom From Work 14m
Replying to @TheZigZiglar
But I thought they said "nice guys finish last" 🤣
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дk Oct 15
Replying to @Half_playboy
My Battery Percentage is Much more than my Love For You 🤭
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DrAviSharma Oct 15
Replying to @imJEESUS @iBulleteer
Arey nahi ! Remember one of our ministers died there ! thanks for the suggestion though !
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Dave Piper 1h
Replying to @callummay
You forgot to call it the "hated" mainstream media - come on, Comrade! ;-)
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Danial Haiqal 🎮 14h
Replying to @FirdausAffiq
Because I Muslim brotherhood.
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kandice 31m
The request never end 😫
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Marlene 💋 Oct 15
What puzzle am I going to crack now? 🧩😅
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Harshdeep Singh 7h
BMW 7 Series n Mercedes S Class.....Respect these legends. In gundon ke chakkar me gaadiyon ka naam mat bigaado.
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