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Rethabile Konopo Jan 18
“Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.”
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Fareeha Amari 5m
I heard that was hip with the kidz
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Adrienne Bell 9m
Celebrating in Lake Jackson with the ⁦
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Irfan Ahmad Jan 17
This News Is Frm Bihar Distt: Bettiah
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Jennifer Madrid Jan 17
This bulletin board ties in perfectly with this week’s SEL lesson.
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🤐 18m
Replying to @HamidMirPAK
no with police terrorism and their terrorist behaviour with the nation. only.
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Lyndon white Jan 18
Justice justice is blue crimson you are they to question the lord
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NottmClarionChoir Jan 13
Replying to @NmClarionChoir
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Ch Saqib Gujjar 6h
for innocent family killed at shahiwal dont stop protesting against this begarat govermint
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groovkat Jan 18
Replying to @kingwala1
that would be then connect and prevails
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Michael Jackson Greatest Artist 2h
Michael Jackson was too good for this world. He deserves . He deserves to rest in peace. I'm outraged at & & & all the sponsors.
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Mitch Buchanan 55s
Replying to @rodimusprime
Gdansk Solicitors have filed dynamic deformation lawsuits citing a 1893 case where the state sued blunderburst fireworks company for damages arising from 4th of July celebrations where the then President lost his eye brows and the seat of his pants.
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Mikeala 20m
Wow literally made me cry 😭 She gives me
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Aftab Ahmad Khan 11h
for sahiwal victims Brutally killed by Counter Terrorism Department. One can see there is no pistol or rifle there. CTD personal who are involved must be hanged.
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Aamir A. 15h
Replying to @MEMONJ @Babar_Sattar
Sitara e Jurrat is recommended for this brave man ( Babar Sattar). I suggest he should not wait for another eleven months to reveal his sentiments about new CJ Asif Khosa and also enlighten us with his thoughts now.... would be difficult for us to wait for so long !!!
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Hassan Rao 10h
This picture will tore your heart into pieces :/ :( :'( Just see her 😭😭 Are you Watching this ?? We want for her
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lee seong wee 14h
Thank you for speaking out. Look beyond Israeli propaganda and the complicit/biased News Channels that are often controlled by vested interests. Understand the real cause of this conflict. Think and share ...Watch this short animated clip by JVP.
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Alec Pugliese 44m
1/19/2019 Women’s March ✊ DM to request permission to use any images for publications! 🙂 Follow for more, I have a lot of photos to post.
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Srestha Das Choudhury Jan 13
This is the mother and she also beaten very badly. 16 puppies were killed brutally.
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OFFICIAL Rachel Ray 16m
Replying to @LupeFiasco
🗣SAY IT ! #🗣
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