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Sien Otten Oct 24
did you ever get an direct answer from about his paper not being in line with the ? Here he goes off again saying there is absolutely no difference between containing and mitigation. The latter being a slow herd immunity. SOS please help
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Mitch Lowe Oct 18
Replying to @jeffreyatucker
His answer to the "Koch funded" nonsense is perfect. How many signatories on the can honestly say they've never taken money from a pharmaceutical company?
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⭕ Jane 🐰 Oct 15
Replying to @Whreq @DrZoeHyde
Please help! The Dutch translation of the is inaccurate (thread). In the Dutch version the role of aerosol transmission is greatly minimised and therefore it doesn't convey the same message and truth as the original.
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Paul McLaren Oct 14
Proud to be among the signatories. We must let the science lead the response. Thanks to for coordinating.
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Zoso77 Nov 15
Replying to @Bowenchris
Today would be a good day to scream for fit for purpose international quarantine facilities for this and future events. Also demand STRONG Fed agencies acknowledgement of airborne transmission route and a zero Covid elimination response in every State as
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Adam Hamdy Oct 30
1. The problem facing Europe & the US isn't a scientific one. Scientists have been clear for months: public health and economic & social wellbeing are best served by policies that supress the virus. The cites evidence that makes this clear.
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Amanda Makulec MPH Oct 14
Read the , concur with the science, and also...
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Feynman Oct 16
I’ve had a couple days to digest the and, as a global citizen, I find the state of public health very troubling. Though the memo has flaws, it’s concerning that so many experts radically disregard broader, foundational public health goals and principles.
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Barbara Melville-Jóhannesson Oct 17
The supports science. It is also ethical. We can't interpolate knowledge deficits with prejudice, fear, and convenience.
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Edouard Mathieu Oct 14
80 scientists are publishing today in the , a brief yet very clear summary of the scientific consensus (and remaining doubts) on the COVID-19 pandemic, and an essential warning against the false promise of easily-achievable herd immunity.
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Vetenskapsforum Covid-19 Oct 17
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Kristian G. Andersen Nov 11
Replying to @K_G_Andersen
*This* is what success looks like.
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Trisha Greenhalgh 😷 #BlackLivesMatter Oct 15
The pandemic doesn’t change who you are; it reveals who you are.
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Clare Wenham Oct 14
Happy to join a growing list of fab people signing the Please sign!
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Dr. Angela Rasmussen Oct 15
Replying to @angie_rasmussen
For the record, I believe that motives are important in evaluating scientific work, when those motives are tied to financial or political interests. Only one of these "rival petitions" is funded and backed by a politically-driven organization, and it is not the .
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Kamran Siddiqi Oct 15
Thanks to and other colleagues for leading this clear and evidence based memo, which I fully endorse and ask others to sign it too
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Eliesie Nov 17
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Jaap Stronks Oct 19
Replying to @jaapstronks
Schools remain open without barely any safety measures even though hospitals are flooded with patients. We are *the* country putting into practice what Trump wants, what the condemns: the ‘let them die’ strategy.
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Phil Magness Nov 1
Replying to @ChelseaClinton
In total we found at least 140 signers who would be a stretch to call health or medical "scientists." These include multiple humanities PhDs, pharmaceutical sales reps, K-12 teachers, journalists, lawyers, a high school football coach, and .
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Luisa Hiller 🇧🇷🇺🇸 Oct 14
Just signed the . "...controlling community spread of COVID-19 is the best way to protect our societies and economies until safe and effective vaccines and therapeutics arrive within the coming months"
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