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harrybucknall 3h
Many many congratulations - and great to see the family tradition carried on in our !
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True Value Hardware 2h
This we’re highlighting Brinkmann’s Hardware. They own & operate the only 2 retail locations in the country that are Net Zero Energy, meaning they produce more energy than they consume. That’s what we call a !
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Suzie Apr 20
Todd & Marcus C. are the best employees I’ve ever come in@contact with
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(((Anita))) ❄️ 17h
Replying to @roastbeefjohnny
Sounds like she already does!
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🎶 Roz♥️ 13h
will forever get a "Hot damn" from me. I was singing their music before I could talk. ❤️
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Clonmel BD 20h
New Inn looking fantastic. Alot of upgrade works carried out recently by and lots of hard work and community spirt by the Tidy Towns Group in keeping the area looking so well
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HENRY Apr 20
Replying to @CBP @ICEgov
Continuous thanks to the members of and for their Selfless Services to the Nation! 🇺🇸👏🏿
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Izzat SE Apr 20
Hey Josh you ordered tan shoes you got tan shoes, I don't know why you'd complain 🤣🤣🤣..
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Juliana Cavallini 14h
Replying to @ernadminic
This made me cry! I’m so happy you made this boy feel that way Ernad! You should be SO proud of yourself! 💯❤️
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Myles McDowell Apr 17
Replying to @Cbroom14 @callummarkie
Yeah well done crim
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Ken Elliott Apr 19
Replying to @GregRickford
I hope the price of gas goes up by $5 a litre. Why are we still able to buy gas vehicles? Because dinosaur politicians across the globe are too chicken shit to face the problem that's going to end humanity opting instead for photo ops of slapping stickers on pumps
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Joshua Borja Gajela Apr 13
Happy To Bee With Smart Team
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LahRasa Apr 20
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Certified Green Cleaning Apr 17
Replying to @TakePrideWpg @CBC
hi :D we have you featured. Thanks to your feature.
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John Reed Apr 17
Huge congratulations to you both dude.
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Taylor Hasty Apr 20
The arm is incredible but I love the position of the ump in this video... works all the way around the plate to get a good view of the play... wish more umps at the HS level would see how umpires move at the higher levels and try to do the same...
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MedicalTraining.Me Apr 20
End of shift attitude? Indeed.
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they need to bring your beautiful self in everyday instead of the Easter Sunday sub today
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J P Apr 16
You have to feel really proud if you're a relief pitcher with a 5-2 lead and you come in and hit a guy, hit the next guy, then walk the last guy and get taken out.
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Trey Lewis Apr 13
Replying to @IssaRae @marsaimartin
Such a great movie! I left feeling good😍😍
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