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जाटराम सच्चा कांग्रेसी Sep 15
Biggest of Bollywood
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Kruti 🇮🇳 Sep 10
Hey , you can run but you can't hide. , do arrest for inciting religious violence. She also calls genocide of KPs as "collateral damage"!!
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Sumit Rathi🇮🇳 Sep 15
Replying to @AskAnshul
became a true from Pakistan.. Speaking only about Kashmir, not even raise a single voice what pak army doing in and what pak govt & army doing with minorities..
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Azizullah Bugti Sep 14
actors earned millions of dollars working on movies & now they are donating indian money to groups to wage a war against civilians in state of . Ppl of must come forward & ask 2stop working with
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#IndiaFirst Sep 10
Oh Shutup .. now that your job is at stake because people are offended & vocally complaining, you are pretending not be a . Your tweet was unacceptable & must take remedial action ASAP! CC:
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एक भारत श्रेष्ठ भारत 🇮🇳 TJ Sep 9
Shocked, paralysed, media freedom of false propaganda in danger😮. Sold puppets of , in shit political loss. Look look i.e.Jammu and Kashmir in India is normalised. Post truth realisation 😁.
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AkShIt_Ak_DeVoTee 5h
Sbse bada of He feels insecure with his wifr in
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Joey yadav Sep 10
Replying to @Furkan_Khan
Wt can we expect from pislami jihadi . They ll play victim card when u expose them. Typical
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Rashi Bhatnagar Sep 10
Why do we need these goons in India ???
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Om Prakash Sep 12
🔴Warning:Graphics is painful & Hard to Watch! 🔴 You Can't Bare to Watch This Video,It's Beyond Cruel‼️ But, You Should Know The Real Face of These ‼️ They Proudly Call it ‼️ Sad/Painful Reality Happening in the World‼️ Jihadi are Hurting Our Global Family.
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gaurav 8h
Replying to @RT_com
I think pakis like to make fun of themselves and when everyone takes them for granted than they show their attitutde to world
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Intolerant Indian Sep 10
That was real you, trying to misrepresent yourself now, albeit. You may claim to be educated, Liberal, progressive but how can and how long you suppress your real self?
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𝓜𝓪𝓱𝓮𝓼𝓱↙️ 16h
Replying to @SameeraKhan
Though there can't be comparison between a mass leader Narendra Modi and a stooge Imran BUT you are going to see who is who by this poll! It's not tough choice at all!
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praveengaikwad 15h
Please look into o screen shot of this element .
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आलोक 12h
there was also bomb attack on Modi's rally. that could be a propaganda for u. bBut was that or just Bomb in Gandhi's rally??🤔🤔
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Chinmaya Kumar Panda(Chinu) 🚩 12h
Can't understand why media is giving so much importance to He is the only MP from his Jihadi party, that too media is projecting him like a National Leader & his party has a huge nation wide followers.
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चौधरी ईशवर सिंह रोड़ 16h
U tweet 4 JnK kids but don't spk on atrocities on minorities in PAK under . Also U support TT Halala, insubordination of Muslim women ? What type of person U R ~a supporter !
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Journalists Jazz Club 19h
Mumbai attacks were carried out by 10 Pakistan trained and terrorists. Mumbai attacks are described here. They were carried out by Lashkar-E-Taiba, a terrorist organization, with help from Pakistan's ISI.
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Sujan Barai 20h
Replying to @Malala
UN give Nobel prize too many jihadi thats why 's are increase all over the world. How can a jihadi and illiterate girl get a
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GP 20h
Fake news from verified handle. is den. No questions asked.
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