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Leanne Ryder 14h
Jason Kenny public educators are also asking for a fair deal. Time to start listening to everyone.
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katie Nov 7
Replying to @lizrenzetti
This is why & his will never be in power. Shame on for allowing this
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nobody Nov 12
Replying to @long_daze
are gonna destroy the very fabric of each province. Its gross.
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Arsene Kabir Pinzo, PhD 23h
What would have happened if the had won the election? . should STOP dividing the country for their political gains.... Do you know what t you guys are doing at all?
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AQC Nov 7
Some enterprising reporter needs to find out what, and why, Premier Kenny was doing in Mexico last week. There is a pungent smell coming this way and it ain’t tacos
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Stanley Beaton Nov 9
The non progressive Conservatives in Canada should study this. ,
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Andrea L. Sperling Nov 8
and the can suck the big one. It's the 21st fucking century. GET OVER IT!
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Theb55 Nov 7
Alberta is awash with money. More money than you orcI could imagine. Now wants Canada to buy Rolls-Royces for all its citizens. Get a life Kenny. Implement a 5-7% provincial sales tax.
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K Moggridge Nov 11
Replying to @Bescumberage
Think might appoint co-chair to his panel? He would make a perfect pairing with Preston Manning.
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SQLGinger 24h
So many vulnerable I know are terrified right now. Off to an appointment for a program that may be cut (waiting to hear from AHS). forgot I can’t tag the last 2, I was blocked for asking about conversion therapy.
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jerrythegarbageman Nov 10
Replying to @HarmerDan @fordnation
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RavenousEFX 21h
Words from our amazing show runner/series creator of Wynonna Earp. Alberta please embrace this industry. We have great talents wanting to continue working here.
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Brant Palko Nov 7
Isn’t this the kind of entitled bullshit that got handed her walking papers?
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Arsene Kabir Pinzo, PhD Nov 5
Replying to @Alberta_UCP
I don't blame him , who would like to talk to a hypocrite shouting secession from the rest of the country ()? Chief secessionist, was a member of the cabinet when the present sharing formulae was approved under not too long ago
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Brandy Stanford 🇨🇦 Nov 10
Replying to @HandmaidAlberta
Was thinking the same just this a.m. Will there be a vote on this divisive decision or are constitutes being held hostage to 's temper tantrum? Asking for a neighbour....
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Wayne Brideaux Nov 7
the man with his head on backwards --always looking backward, never looking forward. Renewable energy, new technology...what's that? Tech startups? Never heard of them. Well the rest of forward looking world has
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Wayne Brideaux Nov 10
DFid anybody hear empathise with when 250,000 manufacturing jobs were lost between 2006-2009? Didn't think so
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Nicholas Campbell Nov 6
Prediction. Jason Kenney a threat to national unity and when he gets PM office, we will slide. He's always been a phony. But he's slime. Trudeau is making it easy for them
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Kathy Clarke 🌍🇨🇦 Nov 11
Feminism and homosexuality also being targeted by in Alberta. It's a thing for religious extremists
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Philosothor Nov 7
It's so weird to see someone steal money from everyone's pensions and then see the victims defend him. It's like Stockholm Syndrome at a provincial level.
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