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Wasiu Olamilekan Nov 13
Replying to @Gidi_Traffic @mzlara_h
The expression on her face goes " how i wish I had this much ass in my prime, I for be the 's wife by now"
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Mhy Khel Nov 9
Replying to @iamabbasjega @iam_YCee
D guys dat brings smoke from flame🔥
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Josiah santi okereke Nov 8
YCEE!!!! @ SOUTH Eatery & Social House
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MTT Feb 9
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Ian Balami 6h
Replying to @dino_melaye
They can never try our very own power belongs to God.
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Richy Piper™️ Oct 26
We all know that Tinubu is our next president, it’s no longer news. If anyone is qualified to contest, Tinubu is super qualified!
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Oriri Mar 11
Replying to @sidramatics
Abians came to Lagos to initiate "OTogé" against a while they forgot that they had a state that needed to be rescued.
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Olumide Oyesina© Mar 9
the of kwara
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Ayodelesulaimon May 18
Replying to @muyiwag @Mr_JAGs
They want president that can't have control of its government, that's why they fear him
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Jubril of Sudan till 2023 Jan 26
They planned to install via the Supreme Court after Atiku must have lost. They planned to use technical grounds and will then say, ok the person that came second should be sworn in. was looking them like BAT , All plan destroyed with one word, ( suspend )🙄🙄
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¶™Basheer Bala™¶ Oct 22
The undisputed Legend of Nigerian Democracy, the Executive Governor of sokoto Met . The
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Adnol Kids Aug 24
Replying to @JagabanofIG
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Oberyn Martell of Ikeja Along Aka #DearAjani Oct 20
For those of you that are found of calling a thief. Apart from his political accomplishments of taking APC from Lagos to the centre, you dont want to know how many of your family members would be jobless if he takes his money out of the banks in the SW.
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Chinor Xcel May 20
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#Obi of Ígbo🕷 Aug 22
Replying to @BBNaija
Voting Mercy like a !
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CaptainBebeto Jan 8
If you want true love, date a last born... They are full of love ❤❤❤
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Sir! Piloooo. Feb 9
drop the Mic ..🤛
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Osho Nourdean Mar 1
Replying to @Oshofaze
He's been there since 1992, fought for democracy, made Lagos the 5th economy in west Africa, created institutions that drives development, mentor nd discovered leaders, Nigeria biggest political human resource manager, his kind is rare, you rather like him or keep quiet!
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C.e.O aWon CrAzY 🤓🥴 May 19
Tinubu for president
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