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Joyce DiGuglielmo Aug 3
W T Heck are antifa stickers? Alt right .
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Sports Cliches Aug 2
Replying to @CNNPolitics
Kissing away the youth vote. More
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Joyce DiGuglielmo Aug 2
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lucas winter Aug 1
Replying to @JohnKincade
You’ve got no clue what you’re talking about
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Blake Simon Aug 1
So using your logic Johnathan, Atlanta - which saw a 240% increase in murders last month - has become a war zone?
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Old Man Logan Aug 3
Replying to @WhiteHouse @POTUS
That’ll make the , ! No, I meant
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Christina Kinlaw 3h
Replying to @RoyCooperNC
How did you have time to approve this while you are screwing over all the citizens of North Carolina? It must be a really hard job.
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Rick James Aug 1
Seriously? Never let a crisis go to waste...for ratings. Used to love when they just showed me the weather without all the cutesy little slogans/banners 🤦
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John Kincade Aug 4
Replying to @BertShowBert
Amazing. Imagine if everyone took that tactic. No stocked shelves, no restaurants for take out, no nurses and doctors at the hospitals. Imagine thinking everyone else should risk their lives so you can hide out at home and judge others.
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Dan Hinz Jul 31
Antifas autonomous zones and attacking Federal property, agents, and blocking roads, are the same blasted thing. Get it? Hello?? Don't inconvenience Americans.
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Milkshake or Molotov?🌹 Feb 12
Replying to @ThirdWayTweet
Turd Way . Most ppl notice there are way more candidates this time.
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Austin Allsup Nov 26
We will be in Justin, TX this Saturday night at the one and only ....... at the
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Lora Stoddard Nov 13
Best takeaway of the day... hahah. Love it, totally going to use that.
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Kenny Kixx™ May 2
I miss my kids 🥺 We will get through this, and we will rage again.
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Jim Wood Jan 6
I guess your partner is just some greedy fan? Cmon John. You can’t act like the only positive to another year of college is the psyche of the fan base.
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Ken E. Hall Jun 8
The hypocrisy is staggering
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Christopher Rich Jan 16
Horrible takes like this are why she no longer works for the world wide leader in sports
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__ Jan 5
I love you defending Fromm at all costs + John defending the Ginger Jesus Wilson: 13 G | 8-5 | 24 TD | 11 INTs Wentz: 0 G | 0-0 | 0 TD | 0 INTs Wilson: 3,273 yds Wentz: 3 yds
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Dan Hinz Jan 30
Mistrial standards met by Democrats. Trump Attorney Patrick Philbin and NUKES Schiff For Making Up Bogus Charges of Bribery and Extortion Against Trump on Senate Floor (VIDEO) via
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LKNWoman STAYS HOME🇺🇸❄️ Nov 24
When will the do something about the cheaters in the stands in New Orleans with whistles?
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