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Dook Apr 14
got to laugh.. prior to Brexit sell out Jewish folk say Corbyn is an antisemite .. now it looks like Corbyn /labor could seize power. best thing since sliced bread -
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Melissa Shelton Apr 17
If you have been in The Best health & weightloss supplement company for YEARS... Y are u just now getting such “amazing weigh-loss results” from ANOTHER new product? & U STILL HAVEN’T CHANGED , U are still overweight.....🤔 ????
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Tony H Apr 15
Can someone please explain to me how there’s a colour clash preventing from wearing their first choice colours against the black and yellow of Watford 🤨
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Knobcreekfarms 21h
Money is made when raising money to bail/buy horses. Money is lost in feeding and doctoring those horses.
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Christine Langhoff Apr 7
But then where will the testing industry make its billions? And how will the charter industry label schools as failing so they can take them over to make money? And how will the real estate industry inflate prices by neighborhoods with "good" schools?
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Rogelio Hernandez Apr 10
If it was up to Disney companies would own copyrights for the entire existence of humans on Earth and then some
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Rach1970 Jan 22
Replying to @Dyson
What an absolute disgrace and a betrayal of the Great British workforce. Sling yer hook Dyson. I'll be buying Shark from now on, and will show you as much loyalty as you've shown us.
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Joe Giannotti Apr 3
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
Which means I will prepare to pay over $1,000 a month for health coverage for 2020. The healthcare system is a major cartel that needs to be regulated in the worst way.
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Angie C Jan 14
Surprised my niece with tickets to Ariana Grande's Raleigh concert only for Ariana to get offered a better gig so she cancelled!
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sunny petunia Apr 5
Replying to @WalkingDead_AMC
I don't see what the big deal is with Rick. He was injured and they took him away. Knew about the helicopters 2 years ago. So how much is Andrew Lincoln asking before he comes back?
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Serena Denning Feb 6
Replying to @NAU
Yeah - nothing says we love our students like making them drive through unsafe conditions when all other schools are closed.
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Teufel Hund Apr 15
Didn't the dotard brag about "his" aviation safety record awhile back? That one didn't age well....
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Marnie Monroe Feb 8
Replying to @SnapBoogieLady
Wonder how much Scammy charges The Daddy to coach him on what to say for these interviews? Every time he opens his fat mouth, it's like a playback of her BS.
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United Stations Apr 3
Today we celebrate , the host of a weekly Business Show on , Wednesdays 6-7pm. has been nominated for Best Business Show this year at the Liberty Radio Awards.
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Ulfhednar_vapor Apr 13
He is no longer a public servant, he is private sector. Most likely once again working with big pharma. Which explains why he is anti kratom, and anti vaping. Two amazing answers to very big problems. Just not pharma answers.
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Jimmy McJimmy Apr 13
Replying to @bmc875
I didn't say i don't watch live TV. When i do, I see the news as scripted information and propaganda to condition the masses, soaps and dramas promoting the Capitalist agenda so it's time to as
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Lady Kilo Apr 9
Replying to @TygerRudyard2
Apparently it’s stop birds being harmed 🙄 ! This practice should be banned
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M L R Dec 11
Replying to @TinaSMcManus
I'm pretty sure med students don't put MD after their name until they have graduated and qualified. You just prove yet again that the course you are currently studying makes no difference to the qualification you claim makes you a doctor.
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Carl Harrington Mar 26
Not that you’ll care, ask why or be in the slightest bit bothered but don’t bother trying to collect mine or my sons membership fees by Direct Debit when they’re due again, they’ve just been cancelled!!
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Mike VanGilder Mar 13
Replying to @BigTenNetwork
How much did they tax each school for representing?
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