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KKBrown 22h
The government bus
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Dr. Pants Apr 24
Yes!! Totally!! 😜😂😜😂
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Melanie ✨ 7h
I’m a nervous wreck. But I can do this!
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beckybaseball 20h
Turned on the game. Cubs scored six runs. There’s a weird amber alert happening that sounds like the little person from Twin Peaks. Not sure what the world is telling me right now.
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Marnie McFly 5h
I am SO HERE FOR THIS. not good with opening up about myself, and the last decade has been an effing roller coaster, but I am going to try and add to the good!
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Kiki Apr 22
Replying to @CathFawr
Normally if it's not specified it just means salt/pepper to taste 🧂
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Olesoul57 Apr 17
Replying to @Swaggerific730
Well it’s just food lol you were safe 😳
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Keith Stevens Apr 17
Replying to @SarahJean3328
I hate the one that ask you to click until there are none left and then make it super hard to see which ones have the image in it! ?
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I live at work and visit the house sometimes.
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Gayle Grossman-Bly Apr 18
Trying out the 6 word story with West VP network
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ogDouble Apr 18
Replying to @Polo_Vans
Ok. That intake I think will give that deep sound. . Imma do some shit to mines imma get back wit you on that
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Pink Diamond Apr 23
That was a Marriott .. with our hookup sis
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ɐıɥdos Apr 20
Breakfast: - Matcha w/ Almond Milk - Bowl of Raisin Bran - a giant cup of freshly squeezed Guilt Trip from the factory itself.
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Conversations Apr 21
. Must update landing page. dmp
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SFHS Performing Arts Apr 16
Working hard or hardly working! 🤣
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Kumar Goswami Apr 24
Replying to @patelsidharth21
😂😂 He might be silent because this can’t be said in public. I think he must have told him privately the script about wiping out some political parties 😂😜
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Madeleine Tribble Apr 23
In honor of I want to share one of my favorite new words I learned while working 👉 "Tsundoku," the Japanese Word for the New Books That Pile Up on Our Shelves 🙈 Who else is guilty of this?? 📖
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Jaclyn Bevis Apr 17
Worth noting, the state promised video in the openings. I forget the law but I believe if the judge would grant the defense objection, the trial would go to mush.
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Here's a list of ways to say "I think" 💭. Looking for a job? Head over to now!
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Abdullah Muktar Aliy Apr 20
Replying to @Ediong
True but there was no downloading from 3rd party pirate websites bluetooth as we have u cant really judge objectively with that...
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