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Gina W. Nov 22
Replying to @GinaElysia
(Ok 3/3) but I know I should be anxious. But even with my family of 4, I feel so and just...need to see my family.
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Active And In Touch Nov 22
If you are feeling or living in N Soms & would like someone to chat to or go for a walk with then get in touch.
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Let's Go Outside & Learn Nov 26
another beautiful card from - show especially to our community members.
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Vicky Nash Nov 25
Are you feeling No one should suffer in silence! are waiting to take your calls! 7 days a week 9am - midnight Visit for online chat support between 1pm - 7pm
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Samena Youthworker (she/her) Nov 28
A heartfelt thanks for sharing youth dairies . I’m a Youthworker based in a school,reading this article mirrors issues in school , anxiety, intense emotional trauma. feel , relationships & matter .
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Wumi Spell Nov 29
Traded my sadness for happiness, replacing hate with love. Now am.good to go
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PyPackages Nov 23
The release of virtualenv package 20.2.1 is now available. 🥳 Virtual Python Environment builder
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Adrian Elliott Nov 24
we laugh in the face of the covids ...we are not even in a bubble...we are like billy no mates ..but spreading the love out through the music
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Ooowais (KashmiriLivesMatter) Nov 23
Assalamualaikum. Kindly pray for my fast recovery. 🙏
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VolCentreDerby Nov 24
are helping their local to stay and connected. This new project will support over 55s who may live alone or be more as a result of the pandemic. For more information, please visit
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Naked Frank Theatre Nov 21
is hard for people who are . Keeping in touch with and is crucial at this time of year. It’s the small things that mean the world to us all. Send a selfie to a loved one, let them know you are thinking of them. ❤️
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Vicki M K (Vix) ❤💛😷💛❤ Nov 25
One month post op & recovery going well 🙂 No pain, scar healing nicely, eating well, returning 2 daily activities slowly & rests/naps when needed 👍 My has gone downhill, as been for last 7 wks! Miss the outside, what's it like out there? 😞
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Yared_Tigray Nov 21
👇👇👇 is what her response was when I tried to cheer up a that I found out her parents are having some health issues while they are, have been for 3 weeks now, from the rest of the world. and cronies, you are fighting against people of this mentality
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Legendary Lightness Nov 24
You look at me and I look back at you⁠ COMING SOON: new songs in Swiss German⁠ ⁠ Design by .grafik⁠ ⁠ ⁠
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The Paddock Bar Benidorm Nov 28
Overlaps are the best part of our system@there was none today
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- Ministers are asking for feedback on a number of ideas, including using to cut times “in or towns” and reduce carbon emissions.
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Rhonda Nov 25
My heart goes out to all the homeless and isolated people, during the holidays. This isn't always a time about family for some. Because of people need to be careful.
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In more than 16,000 over 65s live alone. matches be-frienders with older neighbours in the community Fund out more:
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Marie Gualtieri Nov 25
Replying to @mcgualtieri
Living alone decreases their motivation to prepare balanced and reduced joy from eating. The COVID-19 has exacerbated those feelings, the survey found, significantly increasing seniors' feelings of , making them feel left out and . 2/
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Dale Dewar Nov 23
Numbers aren't the only problem with admissions. They have to be which is the bigger problem for staff.
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