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Gemma O'Doherty Apr 17
The mosques of . If this phenomenal growth rate continues, in the coming years, our country could become an state under Sharia law. If that is what the Irish people want, so be it, but I’m standing for to represent those who don’t
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Arsen Ostrovsky 18m
"An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last." I am reminded of this quote by the great Sir , in wake of the bombings & war of terror, that many in the West simply refuse to acknowledge and root out.
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© contrary to popular opinion Apr 15
owned hotels get boycotted for making homosexuality illegal but strangely enough not for the islamic abuse of women?
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Mats Lindgren 3h
Please retweet if you want to hear the Stefan Löfvén condemn & antisemitism. Like if you think you will NEVER hear him do that, because would NEVER offend their most important electoral base & political supporters.
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Afthab 4h
1/ Your excellency , Please consider taking these steps. 1) Permanent Ban of Abhaya/Nikab/Hijab, 2) Ban the Jamatul Uleyma, 3) Ban Islamic terrorist front Orginsations CAIR and Islamic Relief as they have ties to the brother hood. 4) Conducting serious
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Katarina Kosa🇻🇦 7h
A manipulation of the narrative through language distortion. Why can't you say "Christians" when are the target of hate? Condemn murderous hatred & terror like you did with the white supremacists. "Easter worshippers" "Everyone affected" Come on! Say it!
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Ciarán Apr 20
Your caller was at her devious best. "Yes there are areas where whites arent welcome.....but its all the white mans fault" muslims abusing women, raping young white girls, forced marriage, honour killing & are ALL white peoples fault
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chowkidar Vijender Negi Apr 20
Replying to @spectatorindex
India has been the victim of terror since last 70 years, the same terror is gripping the other countries now.
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v 8h
Replying to @Shehla_Rashid
It is islamic attack on church jihadi
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Chan Kulatunga 2h
Probably this extremist group is behind the attacks. authorities probably know, pls help & pressure them to reveal the true face of the enemy without hiding the report findings
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Shaykh Dr Umar Al-Qadri Apr 17
Replying to @gemmaod1
Shocking tweet. Reminds me of and . Scare mongering and pure Islamophobic tweet. We are happy to live under Irish law and have no such ambitions. Life in Ireland is more closer to ideals than most Muslim countries!
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Anmol Sharma 22h
Replying to @cardioverter88
Look a terrorist from a terrorist country is speaking. Dont worry , you will also get same fate. Whole world know about terrorism and your sucide bombers.
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Dr Chand Rana 💙 16h
Please don't quote unless you are actually practicing them yourself first. They are there for your own learning first.
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respect HemantKarkare kalpuAfzaalkhan11 51m
While the world continues to mourn the accidental burning of the Notre Dame Cathedral, it also chooses to ignore China's intentional destruction of mosques in East Turkestan, some as old as 800 years of age.
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Sha Al-Kurais Apr 20
“If you dislike someone because of his/her rude behavior then pray for him/her that Allah Subhanahuwa-Ta’ala guide him/her to the straight path.”
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kaam ki baatein 1h
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bsym©️ 2h
Replying to @AyeshaBakhsh
But you don’t like
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NaiNika Apr 17
Bruv, your world is divided based on the teachings of ..And you "wanna" lecture others on translations? You have multiple versions of the Koran translated here an there, which we've just proved! 🤡 First put your own house in order 🤓 🤣
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Gio_lolz 6h
The MSM are not afraid to call out a for terrorist attacks when it happens, but when an terrorist commits terror such as the , then it becomes a "religious attack?". Last I heard, Christians were not killing people in the name of Jesus.
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Prof. P.A.Varghese Apr 14
, extremists,Khalistan supporters have 1 agenda: hate Hindus,mock d religion&convert. Indian Hindus believe they've faced Islamic,Mughal,Xian atrocities&survived. This is a dream. Where r d Hindus who lived in Pak,Afghan,Bangla,Thailand,Tibet, Bhutan, Burma?
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