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Parth Gadve Deshmukh Sep 10
We're spending billions of money to find water on Mars, while wasting it on earth.
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ഞഞ്ഞാമുഞ്ഞ 6m
The moment one endorses this map, they fall into supporters of one region, one language category .
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Junnu 6m
Ashish, you speaking about hate ? If I hadn’t seen the retweets on your timeline, I wouldn’t have wasted my time or yours by debating with you. Have a happy Achche din
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Seorang_stranger Sep 15
Working like a pig only to be claimed by others. Hahahaha. Hey weak mind, stay strong! 🤣
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jed212 19h
Replying to @k1k2lee @bob_malak
Don't excuse your mistake by blaming me. I haven't judged you however you seem to know everything about me. I never said only a gun, or if I did show me? Its a straw in our bundle of rights. Its apart of the Constitution you claim keeps you safe, my right to own a firearm.
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📰 J.D. Lagrange 🎙 20h
Many Canadians laugh at the USA because they only get to pick between two parties, resulting in "the Trump"being elected. Yet in Canada, we have multiple political parties but are afraid to vote for any other than... the two main ones.
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carl brown 1m
Replying to @LivEchoLFC
Yet he dropped his 'family' in Liverpool like a ton of bricks....
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Ian Russell, man 37m
Replying to @adysharp86
I need to know how to link it to Alexa, I've asked her personally and she doesn't know
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Andie Darlington 3h
Replying to @Peston
Serious question: if the case in the Supreme Court is lost, is there a right of appeal to the European Court of Justice?
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Farouk Ramli 6h
The haze is so bad even them smokers & vapers are wearing masks 😷
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T.G. Minish Esq GC Sep 14
Watching and the are there in stupid EU hats ... singing Rule Brittania.... I think the line "Britons never will be slaves" is lost on them!
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SonaliRanade Sep 16
8 million people are locked down safely. Everything is fine.
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Rising_phoenix🔥 3h
Back then I was in confusion abt my feeling n then i made a decision to take risk..... Now i know clearly but took decision not to take a risk...... ..
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Alfz 極端 Sep 16
Disney stans are accusing me of only watching blockbusters and capeshit LMAOOOOOO 😂
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jpweg 18h
“Oh no! I know Shayla’s going to be very disappointed that she wasn’t here”
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jpweg 19h
“An announcer said “Attorney Dontay Orlando Gaddy is on our side, and remember big or small, he said will sue ‘em all! call one 1-800-SUE-EM-ALL for a no-charge consultation! Get everything you deserve!”
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Server 3h
I'm having to fax proof of payment to Synchrony Bank today. I'm going to ride my horse to the next town over for supper at my neighbor's afterwards.
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Crazy Diamond🌈 Sep 14
When you bi af and this is the number of your followers.
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DisTweetsExposed Sep 15
So many of you are all so quick to cry wolf about bullying and harassment yet you’re here creeping on people that have you blocked so you can post screenshots of their tweets with your shitty commentary.
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Dungeon Dining Sep 15
Replying to @drgonzo123
Says the arrogant middle-class white guy on Twitter
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