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Rachael Baxter May 18
Replying to @Feeheaton
Yes, why did she stick to stairs? Then the controlled fall at the end!
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John Whittaker 6h
Slightly amused to see a Deliveroo rider on a Just Eat bike in Edinburgh yesterday evening
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Shaine💀 11m
I have called 7 converse stores today and I’ve come to the conclusion that we are the most competent store and we’re the one that’s closing
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Kenny Lochrie #FBSI 4h
Replying to @Feroxbill1 @ScotTories
They were the Indy movement once.
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Meredith Soleau 🗽 2h
A pro-lifer just told me I should have been swallowed.
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Harry Bueller 3h
Replying to @piersmorgan
bigotry at its finest
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Nick Arkell 5h
Tweeting about how efficient the NHS are almost made me late for my hospital appointment this morning.
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Scully 1h
That would be “This Morning” not “Tonight”
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Dazzler Singh May 21
Fire Trucks are actually water trucks.
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DefiantMonkey Improv 11h
The most ironic sign in Niagara Falls
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Dustin Smith 19h
So I bought a Lordlock combo bike lock... 😼
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HaSan May 14
When you’re young they teach you... -To not step on another man’s back to excel -speak out when there is injustice -monetary gains only help simple minded ppl ...then you get older It’s a mufuckin free-for-all for who can reach the top & have the deepest pockets 🤷‍♂️
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VividAardvark 5h
Tories dissatisfied with last vote want to change the rules to allow a second challenge to May.
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Michael Moss May 14
The WiFi at is just terrible.
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Jindau May 19
You better than that
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gitana17 May 21
Wasting your time on a Text that no one will f*cking reply... cuz they too busy ignoring you looking at your stories!!!
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Swanny from Croydon 6h
Replying to @sarahinthesen8
Can you stop throwing a lead over the fence when it’s too windy and your wind farms have shut down because it’s too windy that it gets windy and at 80km/h the wind farms shut down...... makes complete sense
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April 23h
... cause everyone knows someone who kills the buzz every time they open up their mouth
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Alex Charfen May 22
Replying to @GrantCardone
coming from a guru !
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C_major420 May 21
These girls are always playing no matter what they always wanna say they want a good guy but get a chance with that good guy and end up getting hurt because they choose wrong yet again. 🤔🤔🤔🤔😂😥
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