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Press TV Aug 14
. to United States: The only superpower is God
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Maryam Rajavi Aug 14
The Call for Justice for the victims of the is a national issue and an indispensable part of the Iranian people’s noble campaign to overthrow the clerical regime.
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Maryam Rajavi Aug 16
The Hill TV mini-series: Iran: The Untold Story, Discusses Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of
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Daily Express Aug 16
news: Tehran bloodbath exposed: Brutal ‘crimes against humanity’ revealed in heartbreaking account
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Press TV Aug 13
's defense ministry unveils a series of domestically built vehicles.
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Six women who previously circumvented 's ban on women in stadiums by entering Azadi Stadium disguised as men have been detained in Gharchak Prison south of Tehran since Aug. 12 after being arrested that day trying to enter the same stadium.
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Maryam Rajavi 9h
Hail to the heroes of the who said “No” to the regime, and by doing so, sealed the fate of this corrupt and inhuman regime, in its entirety, with certain overthrow.
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EU Reporter Aug 12
Official EU policy should reflect European support for resistance
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Heshmat Alavi 18h
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
I'm convinced Rep. Tlaib is not concerned about the Palestinian people at all. For those who are concerned about the well-being of Palestinians, a reminder about the -backed Hamas terrorist group.
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کوهستان Aug 14
Replying to @ianprofessional
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Minky Worden 21h
Award-winning photojournalist+women who dressed as men to enter Azadi (freedom) Stadium are unjustly arrested in calls on President Gianni Infantino to press for detainees’ freedom+demand end to ban for women in stadiums:
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Heshmat Alavi Aug 16
THREAD 1) Let’s teach a lesson. This outlet & regime apologists/lobbyists are accusing Voice of America Persian of becoming a pro-Trump outlet. It is interesting that they never complained when pro-Tehran voices, such as Negar Mortazavi, were at VOA Persian.
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Sam Stevenson Aug 16
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Walid Phares Aug 14
Popular demonstrations in , reminiscent of rise in 1990, in the next few hours in , calling for freedom, opposing the militias and resisting the pro .
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Kurdistan 24 English Aug 14
The Iranian Kurdish city of Sanandaj (Sine) inaugurated a three-day event celebrating the percussion instrument referred to in the region as the daf. READ:
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Heshmat Alavi Aug 14
Replying to @codepink
A reminder of how Codepink is very fond of the regime in .
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Music One Aug 13
We want another 4th of July 1776 in . We will establish The Persian Empire and make the British and Russians leave our country for ever.
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Heshmat Alavi 14h
UNCONFIRMED REPORT Friday night - Aug 16 Unidentified aircraft reportedly targeted the -backed Hashd al-Shaabi 30th brigade base located southeast of Mosul (known as Nineveh plains) in northern Iraq. Source: citing More when available.
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(((Ge_ff T_yl_r))) 17h
Soheil Arabi, rights activist and blogger, imprisoned since 2013 for advocating freedom of belief online. Rally, London, UK <> Sat, 17 Aug 13:00-15:00
Embassy of The Islamic Republic of , 16 Princes Gate, London SW7 1PT
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Eskandar Sadeghi Aug 16
“All the children of Latin America know Ernesto “Che” Guevara; a man who knew all the children of Latin America”. From a Persian language book (possibly for children) on the life and times of Che Guevara.
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