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Jesse Michelle Moran 14 Jan 13
So apparently my 47 year old uncle's gf had his baby today...
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Kaitlyn Yow 14 Dec 11
Of all my years of being a child I never knew the show "Zoey 101" is called that because her room number is 101.
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Miriam Eva de Medwe 28 Mar 13
Also, who specialises in having sex with people as their actual job?! 800 sexual partners.
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IG: _BOMB_ 23 Feb 11
OMG it's a small fuckin world....smh on my pimpin!! It is official Facebook is now Messybook
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Amanda Farley May 20
Whoa, just got nominated for Search Marketer of the Year - Female by 🙀
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Austin Opdahl 3 Nov 13
Replying to @bayleejordan
woah its a good thing I was sitting down
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Kennie 11 Apr 11
@SLIMMER_KIMMER whoa! Which sis?
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