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Sean Ali 9h
Replying to @str8jacket38
Just like the blimmin Joe Cole deal. We thought we got a steal. And I'm sure we still haven't paid Burnley yet
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caitriona staunton Jan 29
Replying to @AndyTheRed83
Ings actually tried to score the other day, thought he looked lively and could have scored two. He is well worth keeping
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Jenny Harrison Jan 29
Replying to @Reece_Truepenny
has scored 13 goals in 44 appearances in the Premier League
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Negus44 🇯🇲 Jan 29
has always wanted to get rid of the moment he took charge. Allowing arguably the most naturally gifted striker in the league go out on loan & leave yourself with & , I really can’t understand the logic behind this move.
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LFC for LIFE Jan 27
Klopp: “I don’t know [if he will start on Saturday], but Danny’s doing really well and the fact that we don’t give him on loan or something else already shows how our plans are with him.
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Its Your Boy Roon Jan 27
thoughts on ings I can't make my mind up
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Andy Feb 1
So many people have written off Danny Ings. At least give the lad a chance! I think he will do well once he gets games and finds his rhythm.
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Danny ings deserves it man! dont care how many goals he hasnt scored in how long. Hes got potential he just needs a break through
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LFCBres Jan 30
I personally rate Ings and do not mind that he is second choice. Thought he was very good before injurys and was on fire for Burnley. Works Hard, Great Runs, Pacey, Presses and Good Finisher. Dont write him off, he deserves a chance.
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Paul ryan Jan 27
I think we’ll just have enough providing there’s no fresh injuries. We need to trust the players we have already signed, if they are good enough and take the opportunity they will be desperate to prove their worth. It’s a gamble that others aren’t happy to take
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Red Edge Feb 1
Which premier league teams would be a starter? Not many. If Bobby gets injured we have no chance
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Leicesterlad Jan 27
Replying to @BenNormannn
Danny I forgot about him
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#wellredbets Jan 30
Replying to @AnythingLFC_
Got to be better than and
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Harrybogbrush Jan 26
Replying to @ThatRexGuy
hasn’t even been given a chance to prove himself yet
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Spring Football Feb 2
Nathaniel and included in 's squad.. Danny also made the cut
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liverpoolfcdebate Jan 25
Which front three would you play against West Brom? A,B,C or D other (write below) A- Ings Sturidge Salah B- Mane Sturidge Markovic C-Mane Firmino Salah D- Other (Retweet your vote)
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Tom Barlow Jan 27
should of started need to start giving game time it's been a shame him having all these injuries
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WelshRed 16h
I thought a few months ago that Ings was finished at Liverpool and would be moved on in January. Testament to his mental strength and great attitude that It now looks like he has a massive part to play in the rest of the season. Forza Ingsy!!
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Danny Ings speaks about fulfilling Liverpool dream
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クラブ イングス 10h
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