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'The Outlaw' Josey Wales 2h
Replying to @Bubwal @gwynn10 and 3 others
Their tv report was more/less comparing Welsh company with global company+how all innovative people r being picked up by global comp. would help grow Welsh companies alongside global+use innovative people as much+with taxes raised+paid+used in , thus alter stats
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'The Outlaw' Josey Wales 1h
They probs never taken it seriously b4, but the calibre of acts on bill r influential+certainly people like Charlotte taking risk by showing political stance, obvs something she feels so strongly about. They realising myths being busted now
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Llŷr 1h
When future generations on Welsh men and women look back to this time, surely what will mortify them is not that we were willing to be subjugated by another country for so long, but that we were willing to be governed by people life Rees-Mogg, Johnson and Michael Gove.
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Wayne Phillips 2h
Replying to @NationCymru
Very good points raised in these dangerous political times without any fact's my opinion has always been which ever way you voted once you go back on a vote no vote is Safe and democracy is down the pan We have to get the best for Wales and that can only be
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AddancDdu #FBPE 1h
Replying to @DavidDavisMP @wilkie56
I assume your talking here about Wales seazing control from the horror show in Westminster that you partly own? Sit down you disgrace
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Barry Daniels 3h
The worst of it is the stupid bastards go along with it! Wrexham can't be a city because it's in the gift of the English monarchy! Welsh Labour my arse it's s branch office of England.
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Do McK 2h
Wales will have seen the light by then too ! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿👍😃
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Rhys Thomas 12h
Fair play to for writing an article on the movement.
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John Dunipace Dec 12
I’d love us to have a RadioYesScotland, which is on air during weekday rush hour! Good luck guys, if I can tune in I will! Internet/App access?
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PaulMathsTutor 22h
This is why we need more power and a drive towards , Tonia. Do you really trust unionists? We can’t like this for much longer, justifying to Tory idiots why we need our assembly. If devolution goes, we might as well call it a day in Wales!!
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Wayne Phillips 12h
What's Wrong with Wales going it alone and leading by example as a proud Welshman thought this might be more important than jumping ship
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YesCymruMilfordHaven 11h
On those stats! WM policy effects us to negatively. An would be better off with control of our future. Got some talks & interviews with economists Dr John Ball & Eifion Thomas if you want me to send them to you, they give a better picture of WM policy & our indy future
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Kevin McAlba Dec 10
I’m starting to believe Julie, that I really will live to see it. Come on you young ones, it’s your future, it’s in your hands. Let’s go forward fellow Scots and say YES
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Lee Griff #FBPE Dec 9
Replying to @LBC
And a similar movement is taking place in as well
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the thorn! Dec 10
How about and get rid of Westminster rule all to gether! That is the better option. Anything less is stockholm syndrome
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'The Outlaw' Josey Wales Dec 5
Replying to @EinGwlad
PT2 have been doing wonders 4getting news/stats etc out there, has formed (obviously a lot 2do)+armed/ex forces personel starting 2get on board.
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Wogan Jones 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🇪🇺 12h
Strong vibes from 'blunt Ceridwen' on the panel ... 😁 She's sick and tired. She wants control. ...for Britain. Ah, well.
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John Benson 17h
is lying about zero tariffs.. WTO rules don't allow it without consent.. About 7 countries have already lodged objections to UK proposals.
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Beaty 16h
Once our sports stars start supporting then it will steamroller. More so than our musicians even. Its vital.
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Welsh Football Fans For Independence 11h
Possibly but it’s far too simplistic to think that just because they played for Team GB they’d be against Independence. Plenty of people have served GB in the forces but support for example
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