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Kathy Morse Aug 20
Replying to @theblaze
College’s have been ruined.
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Grier Aug 13
Just finished a parent-teacher meet&greet at and learned one of my son’s teachers plans to use her class to teach multiple Democrat Party talking points.
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Book of Katherine 9h
Replying to @bookofkatherine
I'm sorry... "Spectres of Marx" is by . The guy loves and praises (gee, thanks a lot). And he instructs in ways to allow the of to flow into society today. An example would be: .
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Scientific Truth =360°=🌏🌍🌎 14h
-: - + : + = Result: Their Law is the Law Empirical Law of Countries =0°= Metaphysical Law of Religions ↕ =0°= 🇺🇳 -:
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Paulie_own_NY 21h
They had to have a cease fire bc the did arrest enough morons. But the rest of the paintings were about police brutality... THIS IS WHAT LOOKS LIKE. Enslave the children mentally and u own then for life. It's called
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Jennifer Kabbany 18h
The College Fix’s higher education cartoon of the week via
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Rocketnews 13h
The College Fix's higher education cartoon of the week - The College Fix About the Author Pat Cross Pat Cross is a political cartoonist and illustrator. His work is published by Townhall, First Things,... |
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#speak Aug 19
Replying to @nytimes
Want to say something about somebody who was damaged or yourself to ashamed? If so you maybe suffering from . or my hunger strike wont end the way I am hoping
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(((disloyaljew))) Aug 17
My son did a report on for his class. Without even telling me.
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David Evans Aug 13
Replying to @WGNNews
That's right folks Illinois will shove it down Your kids throats. Would you like to know why? Because they can...
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JustMerelyn🖖🏾 Aug 13
This is an awesome thread on the Indoctrination of boys to white supremacy.
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Book of Katherine 10h
of our , and - teachers assign "internal dialogue" and "pc" rhetoric standards.
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David Garner Aug 20
Replying to @JohnStossel
Wonder how they would have fared in Venezuela if they told Maduro's regime they didn't like him nor what he was doing.
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DriversCyclistcivildiscourse Ⓥ Aug 20
Replying to @StewardshipAmer
When you provide demonstrable evidence of a god (any god) then we can discuss what that god has actually done! If you are suggesting the Adam and Eve fictional story is a factual account, then you would need to present your evidence and claim your Nobel Prize!
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tibettruth Aug 19
Can you imagine the answer given to parents who asked 'What did you learn today at ?'
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Roy Bryant Aug 18
NOT just propaganda -
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Christine Caston Aug 17
Evangelical republicans are SICK...but of course their evangelical followers believe every lie they tell..
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Shawn Richardson Aug 17
I’m wondering where he grew up and with what population has he been mostly exposed too.
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Lars Lessing Aug 17
"ENOUGH!" According to the Magazine everyone who disagrees on anything is a far-right Terrorist and needs to be prosecuted, jailed or better: killed?
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Inanna Snow Aug 16
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