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Gerry Straathof Dec 6
Watching two techs from IT in the dining hall try to figure out why (x) isn’t working with (z) ... fun times!
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Jennifer D Palmer 24 Mar 16
I just had a "have you tired turning it off and on again" conversation... It was so painful
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James Levett 6 Oct 14
Every studio has it's issues! 😂😂😂
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Brian Calhoun 31 Jul 14
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nikea doll-thompson 17 Dec 13
Replying to @nikeadoll
keep trying to tag you guys but I messed it up. What's new.
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Theresa Mannino 29 Sep 12
Today is ask Theresa the most random technical questions ever day!
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Mark M 31 Jul 12
OMG that was funny as hell!!
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imeon design 8 Feb 12
Replying to @MadeInLowell @katlmac
awwww I was hoping for the love! lol! Glad you got the answer you needed
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⚡️JimmyGlenn⚡️ 15 Mar 10
Its funny my Journalism and Comm classes never covered Tech Support... How could Rutgers have left me so unprepared...
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