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Gaibrie Stephen Nov 23
My dad just sent me this text and I couldn’t help but get emotional. Immigration is powerful and countries do better through it. So interesting to think how life’s trajectory can vary depending on the choices we make or the opportunities we take
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Jennifer Tran 😷🇨🇦 Nov 23
Replying to @SGaibrie
This warms my heart. 💕 I am an too ( actually). While I don't know if I am contributing to society nearly as much as you, my parents are the hardest working people I have ever known and I always try to make sure their sacrifices were worth it.
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Ana Bento 53m
Happy thanksgiving y’all. As an in the US this has become one of my favorite holidays, where we mix our old traditional festive food with new ones to add to this crazy (often boiling) melting pot we live in. Stay safe, eat & be merry
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Linda Vo Nov 23
This hits close to home. Beautiful capture of the , and American experience by Pulitzer Prize winner .
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Laura Foley 💙 Nov 25
Nooooooo.....::I so wanna go home to see my mummy 😢 Spare a thought this Xmas for families ...
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Rene Delane Nov 23
More please. More brilliant, thoughtful and kind.
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Sarah Sherman-Stokes Nov 21
thank you for reporting on the retaliation faced by our client and so many other women at . and another shout out to the tenacious students who have been working round the clock.
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Lina Muñoz Nov 20
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Ines Perpetuo, PhD Nov 19
Yes, as an I will not be travelling Home for Christmas or new year...
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Gabe🐢 Nov 19
16 days flew by, but that was so disgusting! There were rats everywhere, it was so crowded and smelt so BAD!🤮 It was all worth it though. Once I saw Lady Liberty I felt so welcomed and the trip felt so worth it. Won't do it ever again, but interesting experience
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Sarah Sherman-Stokes Nov 25
if you're missing your parents, children, sibs & friends this Thanksgiving holiday, welcome to the pain and grief felt by my & seeking clients every. single. day. they celebrate holidays & birthdays apart from the people they love, often for yrs.
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Gavin Hill-Smith Nov 18
Crikey! They've only gone and given us citizenship 🇦🇺 What a special evening Thank you, Australia 👍
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Cheryl Nadine Aguilar Nov 19
The trauma inflicted on these children & families is devastating. The healing journey will be a long road. Grateful to partner with to provide the much needed therapeutic support. No child deserves what these children endured.
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Ethical Schools Podcast Nov 18
Replying to @USJCT
(...) Dr. Best, now an assistant professor of at St. Joseph’s (), delves into the difficulties of providing holistic support to children and families, who are (justifiably) hesitant to trust government agencies.
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Monica Stancu Nov 20
The sheer force of startup founders:
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Ringo Le Nov 24
Replying to @everythingloria
Vietnamese always have rice with the Thanksgiving turkey instead of potatoes lols! Sometimes we fancy and do tomato fried rice. And the roasted bones are used the next day to make turkey noodle phở! Nothing goes to waste. 🙌💯😘
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joecimperman Nov 19
Tech Elevator Inc. sold to Virginia-based public company, phenomenal success story! ⁦
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Happening now. will be a panelist at hearing sponsored by to discuss the impact of to and Latin@ communities.
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Cheryl Nadine Aguilar 21h
Thanks for highlighting the efforts under leadership to help children separated from their parents heal from their trauma, and for including me in this article. I am grateful to be among hundred of providers & agencies doing this work.
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katie j 4h
Spending Thanksgiving in an area where most of my extended family lives feels weirder than spending it with an assortment of random friends/family friends
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