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Garlicky Onion 11h
Is it just me, or does resemble Art the Clown?
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Hugh Munro Sep 21
Replying to @spectator @afneil
Suggest that Tom W and the other moderates leave and start a new party... then change its names a few times before getting into bed with the IllLiberal Liberal Democrats... That should sort it...
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Ian Wilson Sep 20
Time to shine a spotlight on the hypocrisy and disingenuous claims of LibDems.
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Outsider Insight (Neil G) Sep 19
Replying to @joswinson
You should rename your party: The . You clearly believe in rule by the enlightened faux-progressive elite and do not tolerate much diversity of thought. No wonder 21st imperialists love the EU.
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Fíonn Grünspan 🔸🇪🇺🇮🇱🇮🇳 Sep 16
’s article is completely wrong. , has done what is right by not supporting & being critical of Corbyn. is an & . isn’t fit to be an elected politician let alone PM of the U.K.
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MaccLabour 17h
PS when are you giving a chance to vote you out?
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Ivanhoe Big, MD🇪🇺🇭🇺🏳️‍🌈 Sep 18
Probably too flattering to call them because they just want to steal | via
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FOLAS Sep 18
This is democracy born of the embers of communist-style total control.
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Julie D Sep 14
Replying to @BBCNews
FFS who do they think they are? Undemocratic Dictatorship Party
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David Physick Sep 18
Pigs and flight from , the depressingly
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Neo Sep 15
Replying to @esylibdems_
The looney party full of LibDems: if you have enough money you won’t need to go to war Absolutely ridiculous class elitists snowflake system
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Md. Omar Mostafiz Sep 15
At university to attend a on , and behavior by Prof. Syed Mansoob Murshed organized by Center for Peace and Justice, Brac University!
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SalientPoint Sep 14
WTWhat is "the left" anyway?!? Why feel threatened by the
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Dawn Westcott 🇬🇧 Sep 21
Good call! Invitation to True Liberals, who aren't part of the movement aiming to run roughshod over . Join & help - uniting people across the political, racial & social spectrums.
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Ian Wilson Sep 16
It's unedifying to show footage of a car crash, but this one is a must-see.
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A Libertarian Rebel #StandUp4Brexit Sep 17
Replying to @A_Liberty_Rebel
Also no surprise that Voaden has the same disparaging, contemptuous view of the voters of Devon generally as does her colleague Kirsten Johnson of her (formerly) prospective constituents in N Devon. What a charming pair they make. AntiDemocrats
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Proud Latina Pug Mama 47m
Replying to @stylecounsel_30
Modi & 45 may defend themselves by claiming they are acting within the laws of their countries, but history has proven that just because something is legal does not mean it's moral. &
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#helenwebackcorbyn Sep 16
Replying to @UKMoments
Brexit is the only policy to libdems Have a feeling she n party will show themselves up if it comes to a coalition with tories again
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Cllr James Dalton Sep 20
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Voters Beware #NoPeerageBercow Sep 17
& real Democrats: What really thinks of UK Electorate, who don't hold her Party's view (formerly ): We are 'insular, closed, selfish, divisive...' She is, inclusive & generous, apparently!
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