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eve stothard 1h
Replying to @emilywilsonn2
it’s forbidden love now
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Timber-G 7m
by & illegal_rb for 🔥🔥 @ Tabarre
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Michael Schlimmer Dec 7
this employee blocked traffic for over 10min so his buddy could slowly walk to and from McDonald's
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Marcus Mitropoulos Dec 9
Replying to @jessrobar_Law
I believe that people drive because they don’t feel “too drunk”. They don’t realize that with the flick of the turn signal, their car can turn into a death trap. Driving whilst impaired is and is brought to the attention of everyone, but is not made.
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John Fitton Dec 9
I'm all for art and expression but this is extremely disrespectful and ignorant. I don't see art, i just see an arrogant man gloating. No this makes me feel nothing, you're a **** not an artist.
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G Д MΞ Д GΞ Dec 9
It's not news that God of war won game of the year. But the fandom of RDR2 claims Sony bribed the awarders, "RDR2 deserved it", The fans insists. What do you think?
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Wharf Rat 4h
She felt “safe” as well until she was gunned down while with her family by this that was deported over 6x. Yeah glad you feel “safe” maybe you should take these people into your home and I guess you don’t lock your door either, because you feel so “safe”.
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Reweet News Trending now Dec 5
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
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Doug Peters Dec 10
So the stuff our 3-point field goal with an block, and yet again the officials are looking the other way.
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rick jones 22h
Let me help you , they are , not undocumented workers.
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Jill Burroughs Dec 10
Replying to @Seahawks
used both of his payers for leverage. Ref had it right and the others talked him out of it.
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🖤StoriesByBrittney🖤 2h
it's been 3 weeks and you still haven't offered even a simple reply about my missing items. it may be only $60+ but you still can't just TAKE it, tf?
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Paul Tebbs Dec 11
Did you get this resolved? I'm facing the exact same issue! Quoted in GBP, charged in USD and charged an additional £364.24 due to this! cc
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Rudy♋️ Dec 10
Replying to @NFL @Bwagz
control the outcome of games more than anything
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David Brooks Sr Dec 10
is garbage and borderline .
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Think you owe a huge apology ! Where is the mention of in report?
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j ♡ 6h
Replying to @goldenjguk
wtf ! u cant go to bed when i wake up
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Ethel 9h
Replying to @niccox1983
dear the end is near and that is true. Its not tea without sugar. almost the same as drinking cannabis water dear they are both made with leaves
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Mr Mojo Risin Dec 11
Yeah Most of the countries that don't have migrant problems who are shipping their 3rd world welfare to countries to create problems
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🎙Verbal Ham Radio ™ 🗽 Dec 5
😡 how can we make this in again?
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