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Andreia Carpinteiro Feb 29
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kikaandreina Jan 20
~If you really need me... I'll be there always, that's what true love and friendship is about💙🎈☕~. . . . .
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billy la niak Feb 20
Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago 🌱 . . . .
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ByteGaming Oct 21
2020 has been a tough year for many, but this year has also taught me to never hesitate, go for what your dreams are! For years I've wanted to create content and now I put my foot down and went for it. And the support has been amazing
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Andrea Worledge - Balanced Financial Services Jul 20
Its Monday, its page 1 of the week, new start to hit some goals! What's you goal for the rest of the year? Lets do this 💪
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La Vouga Nov 11
Whenever you are taking the initiative to do something, act like that initiative is going to bring a lot of changes.⁠
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TeacherMónicaForTheFuture Mar 7
Once upon a time, there was a girl who decided to follow a dream against what other people told her. She was graduated both in Primary and Infant Education.
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RHSMediacenter Feb 24
Graduation will be here soon! Some seniors are showing off their cap & gown🎓and chatting about their future goals 💙🚀
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St John Fisher Catholic Primary School 20 Nov 19
We are with you all the way Mrs Doran-Hannon!
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The Pot Shack Sep 25
Dare to Dream! Check out our “dream strains” at The Shack: Blue Dream, Tangerine Dream, By The Bay @ The Pot Shack
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PaigeAid Jul 24
Every profession has it’s wit and whimsy! But you DO want your PC to eat, breath and dream lifestyle management!!
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Tia Jeanius Dec 16
Your greatest enemy is someone that helps you settle for less than what God designed you for.
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Aweni Jul 20
Oh yes! You can pursue and achieve whatever you set your heart on. Just saying. ❤️&🕯Aweni
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Kindness Kreative Zoe 🎵 Jul 7
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Delight the fan that you have in you with a tour around the stadium, the one with more capacity across Europe, and visit its museum
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For this , we also offer tournaments! Check out our website and choose the one that suits you better! ...
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Elena Knopp Feb 6
I have been dreaming so hard recently!! Excited for what post - grad life has to offer✨
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Jason Moore Jan 25
Replying to @Jason_Moore_14
This dress shirt that’s super nice but has always been a little too big for me to wear in public is making an appearance tonight. Idk the next time I’ll eat something, I’ve been uncomfortably full for 7.5 hours.
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Sam Gravener Jul 15
Share your successes! What are your 2020 goals? Why Planning Monthly Goals is Awesome For Inspiration & Motivation
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joeys online Enterprise Jun 1
Exciting news to start off this month 🥳! SEA L!VE Exclusive promotions featuring some of your favorite products are coming sooner than you think. Watch out 😉.
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