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MissingEmma Jul 18
Abed El Rahman Stivi, 9 years old was shot in the head by the most moral army, , while on his way from the shop to his home in Kufer Kadum, in the west bank. Clearly a 9 year old terrorist. MK from Meterz party visited him today in Tel Hashomer hospital.
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M. Hannigan Jul 14
tries to talk with soldiers in order to gather sensitive information about IDF activities.
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ÅĐÄM Certified 👊💥💯 7h
Replying to @KTHopkins
Why aren't you in Cyprus, where a girl was raped by up to 12 men, who are going to be the future soldiers. Maybe this was a practice run for them?
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Palestine | فلسطين | פלשתינה Jul 19
soldiers shooting tear gas at Palestinians who are peacefully praying. Imagine it was Palestinians doing it to Jews?? We’d condem this as a terrorist attack!! What kind of peace are these Zionists showing?? Who are we supporting
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The Jerusalem Post 20h
NGO accuses of shooting child in the head
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Steve Pieczenik 13h
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Colin Valley #MustBeAMarxist Jul 12
Replying to @HuffPostUK
Because you shouldn't have to take cover from snipers bullets to look alive in a bikini. UN: Israel intentionally murdered 189 Palestinians including children, the disabled, journalists & paramedics and injured 6,106.
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Armin Urshed 22h
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uOMi 9h
Intentionally killing a civilian not directly participating in hostilities is a war crime. Serious human rights violations were committed which may amount to crimes against humanity. Americans ought to be outraged over abuses financed by US.😡
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Medicare For All/Climate Change is Real Jul 19
completes drill simulating war in the Strip | The Jerusalem post
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Ofek Jul 16
19 days left till recruitment
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anirudhB Jul 20
Replying to @IDF
The first chapter of the book Commando, by Michael Bar-Zohar and Nissim Mishal. And another book Mossad is equally inspiring. I will keep the books with me throughout my life. Salute to and .
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4Z9III Jul 19
The long arm of the and
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Razvan Saileanu Jul 20
Terrorist, criminal and their despicable : they will forever burn in Hell.
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German-born connected Israeli state intelligence operative based in London Nicole Junkermann ties to -Lolita Express record
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PanzerDetails Jul 19
I’m not a Photoshop expert, but I just wanted to try this gimmick: A half & half collage of the Merkava - the front part is an original photo of the tank and the back part is my finished scale model. Original photo by Noam Garmiza |
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Babak Taghvaee Jul 19
Replying to @BabakTaghvaee
My source for above tweet is not or . In fact they do not want to speak about this. , & CJTF-OIR told me that, none of the air forces involved in Op. carried-out the airstrike in . Therefore for sure it was carried-out by the
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Afshine Emrani MD FACC Jul 19
Ethiopian Jew, Muslim, Christian & Druze are all soldiers in the same unit. Apartheid Lies.
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Lew Slade Jul 18
Joined the Loving it so far and looking forward to furthering my understanding. (Slight bit of damage from in the mail)
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PanzerDetails Jul 18
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Israel PR Jul 17
From : The West Bank Al-Haramain “travel agency”. Booking hotels? No! Al-Haramain operated a money laundering op, transferring terror $ from to West Bank. The money funded , Hamas salaries.
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