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Manoj Kumar 4h
Here's We wishing A Man Of & Heart🙏 Loooong Live Your HAPPY Birthday Wishes From 💔 Fans #14 Days To GO
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Muslim Lakhani 23h
This is what is PM 's new Non tolerant . Most 's have no problem with or it's lovely people...Problem .
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Senor Ski Aug 15
There’s more to corruption than just money.
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Shivaholic_Sumit 🕉 7m
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Narendra Singh 12h
Replying to @ANI
Yes MiLord, judgement should be made solely on the basis of your
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Amit Modi Aug 12
In today’s times very few have this quality left... and even if few have integrity the world forces them to leave their integrity...
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Waheed Ahmed Aug 14
Two different Between Muslim and Hindu's
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simonrkatz Aug 17
Replying to @buddy_hell
Or perhaps is a red herring used to direct us away from their agenda. Everyone has an agenda
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Mariam Robly Aug 13
The self-determination of the Republic of is a decision of the people, not a political or a power that depends on the President and not on the people. Somaliland does not stand for the leaders but for the people. Somaliland sovereignty is constitutional✍️
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André Theramix 9h
Replying to @ATheramix
can only therefore be defined as an and the study of the constituent parts, relations and differences of these ideas, this analysis of the idea through what is defined or what is definite is therefore
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3kta Aug 16
No matter where you stand politically... even if you're unsure of what your political ideology is, it is important to take part in the process of shaping our government.
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Replying to @tsakabear
we used to seek for the evil, the one who has caused all these insanity events in human history, but rarely, we would talk about those who buttressed it and how ; propagandas ; activities ; prejudicial, narrowgauge interpretation of has reflected (2)
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Rana Tajammal Husnain Aug 11
Replying to @NaaSShanas
And i want to make a note to myself this that its coupleof days of recording whisper ...occurance ....truth ... ......
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Catherine Roy Aug 11
Any antenatal ed focusing on reducing "fear" should be viewed suspiciously imho. Tokophobia does exist but affects only small % & would need specialist support. + common I believe is fear after childbirth. Again specialist input better.
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J. W. Barlament Aug 16
A friendly reminder to all the Internet political warriors out there.
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#freetommyrobinson Islam Terrorist Cruel Warlike. Aug 17
is right and so was . This has hated all other peoples since its Bloody foundation in 610AD. @Metrilopolitanpolice
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Where were we? Aug 17
A 1/3 of 3 is 1 - A 1/2 of 2 is 1 but according to the 1 = 2 then 4 then 8 then 16 then 32 then 64 then 128 then 256 etc etc etc, does "basic " as we perceive it to be actually add up on a in ???
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WomensPowerCen Aug 16
1 book 150 subjects insight site:3Guiltless acts 1 Good for all- 2 Taught as OK- 3 All do so OK-lewd
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Jeffrey M. Berry Aug 16
A puzzle about educated conservatives
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Debat Support Team ❌ Aug 16
Replying to @patcondell
We believe of the is worse for science, looking at the progression that is made under that
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