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The Daily Edge Jun 23
Replying to @GOP
: "Family values" Republicans are once again putting party over family" -- these are whitewashing a tsunami of allegations against a self-confessed sexual predator, accused of peeping on teens, molesting women and even rape.
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Craig Pasta Jardula Jun 22
Funny how or never called out when he was ’s VP. His segregation issues occurred over 30 years ago. Wait a minute. Not a single 1 of you who are NOW so vocal against ,EVER said shit when Barack was POTUS.
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Name 41m
Replying to @sajidjavid
The same time you lot pull your fingers out and deal with Islamaphobia.
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James P 6h
Replying to @charliekirk11
Democrats: We must ban assault weapons to save the lives of children. Also Democrats: If a baby survives an abortion, you can terminate it outside of the womb.
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Royal Viking Jun 25
I think all the states that banned abortions should be responsible for taking care of the immigrant children and families since they are sooooo concerned with life.
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Alfred E Neuman 15h
Replying to @AmyIsenhour @DrChipC
Not to the extent of the Northern Triangle. Not even close. Trumper's empathy always overwhelms me.
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ConstitutionDefender 19h
Replying to @Wayfair
Has anyone told the snowflakes that are walking out that Obama also had detention centers? And videos of kids in “cages” are from Obama’s time? Don’t recall them protesting back then. Lol! Trump Derangement Syndrome at its worst!
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MNV 16h
This is why we are in a shithole as a nation.
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Marcus C. Beaubier 16h
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Swatantra 23h
Hypocrisy of pseudo Secular and pseudo liberals..
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Brian Rupiya Jun 25
Zimboz we are being taken for granted,all these pfeerorists supported Mugabe 24/7&later ditched him. now they are doing the same to Mnangagwa List racho iri vaimhanya naBob ED Mpofu CG Opa Jmw . . . . Wese maZanu&they had endorsed Bob for 2018 election
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Jake the Snake 6h
Replying to @iamTannenbaum
So explain why every Democratic Senate on the stage skipped the Senate vote today on the migrant aid?
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Paul C Jun 22
Replying to @PaulC0704
And then follows up with this 🤣🤣
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HolyCrow 6h
People chew their nails all the time. But the MOMENT I sprinkle nail clippings over my almonds...🙄
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Holyhell Kelly Jun 22
making rich richer while "prolife" Republicans gut social security and medicare
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Christy Raven 22h
So the women of don’t like to talk about finances...except when it’s to brag about how much they spend on material possessions. We have seen franchises bring up alcoholism, arrests, abuse...but a lawsuit is below the belt?
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Tayke Uon 1h
Replying to @SkyNewsAust
He should have known the impact of his words. He was warned. He ignored it. Breached a CONTRACT. Sky news would be SCREAMING if a Muslim attacked Christians by "simply quoting" Muslim scripts publicly while being a public figure.
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Carlos Don 15h
Yeah i really want NY and California choosing our leaders..
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Premier Improvements 31m
Replying to @PickardJE
I'll record your intimate private life and sell it to a newspaper but please don't invade mine?! 😂😂🤔🤡
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Jason Downing 14h
You know what's really a play out of the book? Banning competitive and less harmful products while keeping cigarettes available in every store. You are now ParentsForSmoking.
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