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Dany Sep 18
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Sue P #BorisIsMyPM 🇬🇧➡️ 15m
Let’s talk about your husband again.
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Steph Sep 19
Replying to @MeghanMcCain
Let’s do America first, ok???
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Madge Minkus Sep 18
Someone asked what brought Madge back from a peaceful couple month long hiatus Two words PRIVATE PLANES SERIOUSLY? Going to a global conference about saving the earth & no carbon footprints on a private plane? Really? Does this hypocrisy not BOGGLE the mind? disgusted!
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Kim Romero Sep 17
The discrimination is real. How quickly you forget that your husband took away the right to bodily autonomy for the children of CA. Does bodily autonomy only apply to women who want abortions?
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Kitty Hundal⏳#RebelGirl & #DarkWebIntellectual Sep 18
Replying to @kittyhundal
Kaidinn's schtick is to falsely accuse her targets of harassment of being "pedos", "rapists" and/or apologists/enablers. While protecting, defending, promoting and even hero-worshipping a real convicted pedo also convicted of domestic violence, rape (stalking).
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Pat Jones 12h
This is Dale Vince, owner of Forest Green Rovers FC and Ecotricity. Ecotricity, a renewable energy company, receives subsidies from the government because they are a "green company." Let's withdraw the subsidy and see what happens then.
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ᵇᵉᵇⁱ 🥺 20h
micro-cheating is still cheating
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Steeper33 Sep 19
"I've been very very careful all my life" *gulp* 👇 👇 👇
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JJBell Sep 18
You asked for it . People that live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.
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Prajkta Pandey Sep 16
Haha pakistani's are now showing concern about their minorities but 😐 Where were they when the Hindus were killed and converted in past 70 years Tell me why their governments were watching decline in hindu population from 22% to just 2%😡
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LouiseB777 Sep 19
Replying to @agile_niall @nytimes
The problem is he preaches to everyone else. He is condescending. He mocks others.
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muddlepuddle Sep 18
Adopters: help me understand my adoptee. Adopters: Don’t write blogs about your children. Adopters: Look at me I wrote a blog. Adoptees: Adopters: Why won’t you help me, you owe my adoptee.
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George Niras 10h
Replying to @DiamondandSilk
, deflect, so no one looks at him.... trump 2020
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Diamond and Silk® 10h
Everything Joe Biden accused President Trump of doing with no proof is what Joe Biden has done with proof. Joe openly admitted to it in a video!
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Mark Blacklock 16h
Replying to @PaulBrandITV
Watson? Denouncing a plot? Pot. Kettle. Black.
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Robot in Canada 16h
So it's okay for him to sit on his high horse for 4 years telling Canadians how racist we are while he had 3+ incidents of blackface under his belt. So dedicated to it he did his hands too
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Professing Professor 17h
So now you think it would have been ok for Obama to extort The UK into spying on Trump’s campaign?!? Or are you just another extreme right wing . Nevermind. I already know the answer.
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AnnetteG 17h
Replying to @AP
This is why we don’t listen to them
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Mr. Father 17h
Replying to @amandaalvaro
Now that Trudeau's campaign of hate has turned on him the left suddenly wants things to clean up.
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