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Jack Pierce Jul 31
Seeing apologizing for her abhorrent behaviour rings so hollow. You're only sorry you got caught.
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Teedee720 Aug 2
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
So you want Republicans to vote by mail ..but not Democrats????
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TessanSam Jul 30
Ugh this b****h , she is the meanest of them all. Such a bully and hypocrite, like she would tell Tom to shut up?! Biggest joke of the year!
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Ugo Jul 31
Replying to @samanthamarika1
You have a track record of pitting black men against each other. But in the same breath, you speak against “belittling men”
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Tired Old Liberal Aug 1
Replying to @GeorgeTakei
Same application, same ballot.
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Battle for Columbia Rd 10h
Reallly - u actually dictated these words for this letter!! Have you seen the anger & protests across London from communities against ur insane road closures & cycle lanes? Majorly impacting economic recovery, blocking residents from access to their homes??
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Ananth Jul 31
Your father was directly responsible . This is also now!!!
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John Gilbert Jul 31
She doesn't give a crap about , it doesn't fit her agenda for her vote for president. Funny how quick she dumped them.
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Lily Jul 30
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Marianne M #FBPE One of #The5Million Jul 31
Replying to @GiselaStuart
, then? I thought you despised them. You only deserve utter contempt for throwing EU citizens in the UK under the bus but keeping your dual nationality and FOM.
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Orkidnut Aug 1
Replying to @JustinTrudeau
WE don't have a problem but you & your party do & it's sickening! & more but as usual you like to divide us all.
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Kathie 3h
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Shivam 15h
All these Indian e-commerce platforms & YouTubers campaigning for "vocal for local" and yet promoting and selling Chinese products so proudly is the height of hypocrisy.
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RadiCal 45m
Replying to @vivekagnihotri
Who’s he? Someone told he’s a film maker who begs for RW followers and then changes his stance. 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻
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🤷🏾‍♀️ Jul 27
I think Lord sugar should take a look at some of the comments he's made about other races
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Cartoonist Pics Jul 30
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CM Jul 27
Replying to @SenatorDurbin
. while we have like Sen Durbin in the senate, how do we expect bills to pass?
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Tony From Wootton Aug 2
Replying to @PatWilliams1944
This multi millionaire who owns house in various countries who has a “Female Slave” holding an umbrella to shade him from the sun
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TJA 14m
Replying to @willjawando
Or on a ride on bus, county liquor store, Best Buy, a protest, Wal Mart, ... Exercise choice for your kids and I will with mine. Also during the peak with mandated no gathering or assembly order you broke the law.
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Imzee2 1h
Replying to @naijagyaldee
The public reaction to this would have been very different is it was a big black guy shouting and abusing a young white lady like this...
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