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S L I C K 26 Oct 15
I love my team.
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Michael Delano 25 Aug 16
Who's this clown.Does he not knw some people dnt like eatin foods pumped full of chemicalsandsteroids.
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Jay Paul Molinere 30 Aug 18
My luggage cart had a hood ornament. Works for a great conversation piece. Good ones and bad 🤣✌☠
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Don™ [TRIG] 11 Oct 15
Replying to @tripleWRECK
the health regen is not an issue if the armor was lowered as much as a blade dancer's,
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Dave Kerpen 30 Dec 15
Replying to @smassellsings
awesome! Just found out you were a fellow hunterite! Sweet.
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NorthernTails 21 Oct 17
Fantastic! Congrats to the young man!
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Nar Feb 4
Replying to @Stealth_Vixen
Hell yeah! Thanks! I used the character booster on my Warlock. Playing the whole game(every vanilla everything) on my Hunter. I want more chances at Orpheus, Stomp-33S, etc.
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SD Entertainment 1 May 16
No matter what you cant break up family
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Karl Jun 21
Replying to @WulfgamingNZ
Na want to try get a titan before next Iron Banner for the memes
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Gavren 19 Apr 18
Had fun trying out a Titan and farming 6v6 IB w/ . Met a few new people and had fun overall. Im still a bad Titan though.
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It's All-Knee 31 Mar 17
Thank you, . From your very 1st to your present, your music is the biggest musical blessing I've ever received.
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Ginger 27 Sep 17
This hurts my heart
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Jeff Skalski 21 Oct 15
Congrats on breaking 4M units with MH4 worldwide. Now lets double that with MHX, the world needs more hunters!
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[REZO] SuperProfessor 20 Nov 15
Replying to @Be11eBunny
These reveals are Hunter-tastic!
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Tyler Lynn 27 Aug 18
New pic courtesy of @WackyTwilight !
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Sabroria 24 Jun 17
Made this page, and was hoping to find some sweet Hunter class fan pages but nope. Thats okay. I will show plenty of love.
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Meek 28 Apr 18
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Steve Richards 23 Jan 16
Go ahead judge all you want. I do not give a rats backside :-)
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Jadey 21 Sep 16
Mad respect to big show. He knows his stuff.
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Mitch 11 Sep 17
Replying to @A_dmg04
You'll come crawling back...
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