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Coach Bond 12h
This crew is a constant reminder that God is Good ALL THE TIME and ALL THE TIME God Is Good! No better blessing than to come home to a loving family.
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Robert DePung Nov 23
Thank you HPMS STUCO for the smile today!
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Sheila Sorby RGN, BSc, MSc, QN Nov 20
A great end to another tough week, judging some of our internal awards 🏆. What a difference every single person has made to our patients, to each other and to 👏👏👏👏👏
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Irvin Hodrick Jr. Nov 24
BLESSED to make 1st team all-city defense🦍
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P. Nehemiah Nemo Squire Nov 19
Yes sir🔥 80yds to the crib! 21 Touchdowns in 6 games over 1K rushing... Let's ride out! to shock the world.🙏
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Michelle Clark-Heard Nov 25
Best of luck to every player & staff around the country. Be that individual God would want you to be today & everyday.
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Prison Barles Nov 20
I’m grateful for bosses & people in my inner circle who see the potential in me & help bring it out when I don’t always see it in myself. It’s really been everything for me to help rebuild myself from the inside out.
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Sommertime1981 Nov 18
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Shelton Eley Nov 25
Highlight of my day was this moment with my siblings. My heart is full ❤️ I appreciate all the calls, texts, and posts.
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LexGetCreating Nov 18
100 SALES! Whoa - i almost missed this milestone! Feeling super duper grateful as we come into the Thankful season!
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Roma Finance 17h
Wow this is fantastic! Thank you so much to the judges, the team and everyone who has supported us! We are over the moon!
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Liz Christie (she/elle) Nov 25
Look at the beautiful thing that arrived today. So humbled to be recognized by and the CSB executive team. I miss my CSB colleagues all the time.
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Audrey_Aumua Nov 18
Grateful for the opportunity to serve my region feel and privileged this has been a gift of service . Vinaka members
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RuvawaShe🌹🇿🇼 Nov 21
How precious to me are your thoughts, God! How vast is the sum of them! Were I to count them, they would outnumber the grains of sand— when I awake, I am still with you. Psalms 139:17-18 NIV God's love for us is too much. Who can count the sand of the earth? 🙌🙌
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Quis 💯 Nov 18
I just thank God for allowing me to have a roof over my head sometimes. 🙏🏽 I know I joke a whole lot, but right now is the perfect time to just be grateful and thankful for everything.
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Roger Bristow Nov 19
Replying to @SgtJJSharps
Tearing up here ... thank you for the thanks, Jen. Very much appreciated.
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NσʋιҽɱႦɾҽ Jαყ Nov 20
Replying to @genuine4u2see
Had no clue you even knew who I was. I appreciate the kind words. That type if feedback is what keeps me going.
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Brett M Elliott Nov 20
What a great way to finish our 14th week of in-person learning 🤩 with a handmade gift delivered from 4th graders, Scarlett and Lilly! 💖💞
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Tshepang Nov 17
Replying to @Mjerable
. Oh but of course. I'm ready whenever she is Sir🙏🙏🙏
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Mrs. Zo (Rae Costanzo) Nov 20
Replying to @TheBeardedLib11
Here I thought I was doing great sitting at 125. Just throw a few more graphic novels and poetry books into your to-read list.
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